Which Countries Celebrate Day of the Dead? 2022

Da de Los Muertos, a Mexican holiday, is observed on November 2. Mexico is the first country that springs to mind when someone asks about Day of the Dead celebrations. On November 1, the day following Halloween, this holiday is observed. Da de Los Muertos originated in Mexico, often known as Day of the Dead. … Read more

Which Countries Celebrate Cinco de Mayo? 2022

When seen in military history, the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, was a relatively minor engagement. Mexican patriots mining the creeks & streams of California’s gold rush of Tuolumne County were promptly informed of the Mexican triumph. The Mexican government, under Benito Juarez, designated the anniversary of the fight to be a national … Read more

What Countries Eat Dogs? 2022

Although dog meat consumption is discouraged in many Western societies, the habit of eating dog meat has been around for generations in many other countries. Dog meat may be regarded as a staple cuisine in several Asian and African nations, much as beef or chicken is in Western societies. In these nations, Western tourists may … Read more

What Countries Have Daylight Savings Time in 2022?

1916-1918 The First World War had a significant impact on the development of Daylight Savings Time. The practice was first adopted by the Kaiser’s German Empire and shortly adopted by its ally, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Many countries, like Germany, who had observed the holiday during World War II, did not do so for the next … Read more

What Countries Play Baseball 2022

Baseball is a sport that originated in the United States and is still quite popular here. Minor leagues, high school, and college baseball are just a few of the many levels of the sport. The National League and the American League are the two divisions of the Major League Baseball organization governing professional sports. Major … Read more

What Countries Speak Farsi? 2022

Afghanistan Pashto and Dari are the country’s two official languages. Although Pashto and Farsi are dialects of the same language, Dari and Farsi are two distinct languages. Persian is sometimes referred to as Farsi or Dari in the English language. Throughout Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, Dari is widely spoken, and it is also … Read more

What Countries Speak Swahili? 2022

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Swahili is widely spoken across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, previously known as Zaire. Swahili is a second or third language for very few individuals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In this nation, Lingala is more widely spoken as a first language. Individuals in the Democratic … Read more

What Countries Use 24 Hour Time? 2022

Germany In Germany, the 24-hour clock is widely used because of the country’s reputation for being meticulously ordered and on time. Germany is perhaps the first nation that comes to mind when asked, “What countries utilize 24-hour time?” Aside from government documentation and public transport timetables, the 24-hour clock is also used in informal speech … Read more

Worst Countries To Visit 2022

Travel is a very personal experience, and everyone has their tastes when it comes to it. Some love big cities, some prefer beaches, while others prefer woodlands. Some countries are better than others, but some countries are bad to visit. Exercise Normal Precautions (Level 1), Increased Caution (Level 2), Rethink Travel (Level 3), or Do … Read more

Sunni Countries 2022

Moreover, 90% of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims belong to the Sunni sect, Islam’s biggest. Sunnites or Sunnis are the adherents of this branch of Islam. Shi’ites, adherents of Shia Islam, have different beliefs than Sunnis. Sunnis consider Muhammad’s first four caliphs to be his successors, whereas Shi’ites consider Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law, and his line … Read more