Which Countries Celebrate Day of the Dead? 2022

Da de Los Muertos, a Mexican holiday, is observed on November 2. Mexico is the first country that springs to mind when someone asks about Day of the Dead celebrations.

On November 1, the day following Halloween, this holiday is observed. Da de Los Muertos originated in Mexico, often known as Day of the Dead.

They started these festivals when Mexicans felt that the dead were offended by grief and melancholy. As a result, a day to memorialize the deceased was established every year, apart from the sorrow of funerals, memorials, and wakes.

People in Mexico celebrate Dia de Los Muertos with sugar skull candy and figurines to blur the line between the living and the dead in their country’s cultural consciousness.

In Ecuador, we celebrate a holiday known as “The Day of the Disabled.” Day of the Dead celebrations aren’t something Ecuadorians are known for, but they have their unique customs. El Da de Los Difuntos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated in the same way in Mexico, and the two countries have many similarities.

This two-day event involves festivities, family dinners, and unusual sweets like guaguas de pan, a pastry fashioned like a baby.

The Barriletes Gigantes Festival is held in Guatemala. There is no Day of the Dead in Guatemala, although it is observed on the Same Day as November 1.

The Festival of Giant Kites is known as the Festival de Barriletes Gigantes in this area. The Guatemalans commemorate the deaths of loved ones by flying enormous kites into the sky.

A belief held among the indigenous peoples of Guatemala is that kites are a means of communicating with the deceased.

At this Festival of Giant Kites, the kites flown by the participants are dedicated to the memory of loved ones who have gone away, and they hope that anyone who views them will know that they are thinking of them.

Andorra, the Philippines For nations that commemorate the Day of the Dead, the Philippines is a common choice. In the Philippines, this is known as Undás and is also observed on All Saint’s Day. In many ways, this event is similar to Mexico’s in that it includes parades and feasts.

Families from all around the globe will flock to the Philippines for Undás. Candles play an important role in this two-day event.

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Vampires in Haiti’s Past and Present The Day of the Dead in Haiti is known as the Day of the Dead in Haiti.

There is a strong influence of the Voodoo religion on this festival. Voodoo spirits are invoked here to commemorate the departed and address difficulties related to infertility in Haitian households. Singing and dancing, ceremony, and various feasts are part of this two-day celebration.

In El Salvador, the town of La Calabiuza La Calabiuza, or Day of the Dead in El Salvador, has a rich history compared to other DayDay of the Dead celebrations across the world.

It’s a holiday that’s not often celebrated since it’s fraught with controversy. During the early months of November, it is celebrated by the traditions of the indigenous population.

In El Salvador, individuals dress like skeletons and hold torches and candles as they march through the towns. Like Halloween in the United States, it emphasizes larger parades and handing out gifts and food when celebrated fully.

When Indigenous customs do not observe it, it is treated as if it were Halloween in the United States.

Country2022 Population
El Salvador6550.3890

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