What Countries Speak Farsi? 2022


Pashto and Dari are the country’s two official languages. Although Pashto and Farsi are dialects of the same language, Dari and Farsi are two distinct languages.

Persian is sometimes referred to as Farsi or Dari in the English language. Throughout Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, Dari is widely spoken, and it is also the primary language in the country’s northern and western regions.


The official language of Iran is Farsi or Persian. Iranians are a diverse group of people from all over the world, yet this is not the case.

The Iranian people are fluent in Persian, a member of the Indo-Iranian family of languages. Persian is the official language of Iran and the literary language of the country.


Tajikistan is often stated as a country where Farsi is spoken. Tajik, the country’s official language, is regarded as a contemporary variant of Farsi or Persian.

Grammar, vocabulary, & pronunciation of Tajik are quite close to traditional Farsi, which is spoken in Tajikistan.

As a result of geographical isolation, political barriers, and the influence of surrounding nations, Tajik developed from Farsi spoken in other countries.


One of the many languages spoken in Uzbekistan is Tajik, one of the nation’s most widely spoken languages. The neighboring nation of Tajikistan uses Tajik as its official language, which is a variety of Farsi.

Bukhari or Bhukarian is a Farsi-based language spoken by certain people in Uzbekistan. The Tajik language has a lot in common with this Jewish dialect.


Farsi or Persia is the primary language of Iranian immigrants living in Russia. Iranians have such a long history of emigrating to Russia, and the Tats and the Mountain Jews are two distinct groups of Iranians living there now.

Judeo-Tat or Juhuri is a variety of the Persian language spoken by the Mountain Jews, who name their dialect Judeo-Tat Persian.


Azerbaijani is the country’s official language. However, the majority of Azerbaijanis are fluent in Farsi. Iran’s official language, Farsi, is spoken by many Iranians of Azerbaijani descent.

United Arab Emirates

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Farsi-speaking nations may be found in the United Arab Emirates despite Arabic being their official language. The UAE is home to a substantial Iranian expatriate population, many of whom were among the first to settle there.

Because of this, Farsi is the language of choice in locations like Dubai, where Iranian minorities are present.


Bahrain, like the UAE, has Arabic as its official language, although its Persian immigrant minority speaks Farsi.

The Ajam is the Persian-speaking residents of Bahrain. Bahrain’s original language, Bahrani Arabic, is heavily influenced by Farsi because of the long-term migration of Persians to the country.


Although it was the language of the Muslim Mughal emperors, Farsi is currently only spoken by a small minority in Pakistan.

Since the British came to power, Farsi has lost its place as Iran’s cultural & official language. Rather than Farsi, Urdu has taken its place.

Country2022 Population
United Arab Emirates10081.7850

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