What Countries Use 24 Hour Time? 2022


In Germany, the 24-hour clock is widely used because of the country’s reputation for being meticulously ordered and on time. Germany is perhaps the first nation that comes to mind when asked, “What countries utilize 24-hour time?”

Aside from government documentation and public transport timetables, the 24-hour clock is also used in informal speech in Germany, unlike in several other nations. Even if a person is fluent in German, using a 12-hour clock indicates that they are not a native German speaker.


Another European nation, France, employs a 24-hour clock in all circumstances, as does the United Kingdom. The 24-hour clock is a common topic of discourse in both Germany and the United States.

Foreigners, particularly those from the United Kingdom, are the only ones who utilize the 12-hour clock in France.


The 24-hour clock is used by both the government and the general public in Romania. Moldova, another nation where Romanian profoundly impacts the language and culture, is no exception.

Romania was a close ally of the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War, which explains the prevalence of the 24-hour clock in Romanian culture (which used the 24-hour clock).

The British Isles

The 24-hour clock is not widely used in the United Kingdom. This system makes use of both a 12- and 24-hour clock. The situation resembles that of those who use imperial and metric measurements interchangeably.

The 24-hour clock is used extensively in official papers in the United Kingdom. Schedules for trains and other modes of public transportation also utilize the 24-hour clock. However, the 12-hour clock is a common topic of discourse among the general public.

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Even here, the 24-hour clock is occasionally used in informal speech to prevent misunderstandings by British people. Despite widespread support, the administration has resisted attempts to standardize the time-keeping system throughout the nation.


The 24-hour clock is widely used throughout Asia, and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnam has used it since the French brought the 24-hour clock to their new colony in the nineteenth century.

Nearly 70 years after Vietnam gained independence, the 24-hour clock is still widely used. One of the few surviving French impacts on Vietnamese administration and public services, it is well regarded.

Country2022 Population
United Kingdom68497.9070

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