What Countries Speak Swahili? 2022

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Swahili is widely spoken across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, previously known as Zaire. Swahili is a second or third language for very few individuals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In this nation, Lingala is more widely spoken as a first language.

Individuals in the Democratic Republic of Congo speak Swahili while trading with people from tribes or nations. The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s government recognizes Swahili as an official language.


In Kenya, Swahili is also spoken frequently. Like in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Swahili is widely spoken in Kenya. Kenyans seldom use it as their first language.

However, they often utilize it while conversing with individuals from other tribes. So many Kenyans are fluent in Swahili that it has been designated one of the country’s official languages.


Tanzania is a country where Swahili is the official language. Despite its relative rarity, it is Canada’s most widely spoken language.

According to the United Nations, Tanzania has the greatest proportion of Swahili speakers in the world. To answer the question, “what nations speak Swahili?” Swahili is the most common response.

While dealing with East African merchants, Swahili is a common language used by Tanzanians. Because it is frequently taught in Tanzanian schools, Swahili has grown in popularity among its educated population.


Our list of countries where Swahili is an official language ends with Uganda. In Uganda, students of all ages are routinely exposed to the Swahili language in the classroom.

East African businesses are often in touch with Ugandan businesspeople. Swahili is the primary language of intertribal communication in Uganda.


Somalia does not recognize Swahili as an official language. It is regarded as a minor language in the nation. Many individuals in the country’s coastal areas do, however, speak or understand it.

The southern region of Somalia is home to the vast majority of the country’s Swahili speakers. Banjuni Islands have the highest concentration of Swahili speakers in Somalia.


In northern Mozambique, Swahili is widely spoken. In the Mwani area, for example, it is prevalent. The government of Mozambique has granted official minority status to Swahili. In other words, several crucial government papers are now available in Swahili.


Comoros, a tiny island country off the coast of central Africa, has its dialect of Swahili called Comorian. Although most linguists regard Comorian as a dialect of Swahili, other specialists believe it is a distinct language.

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