Visa Reciprocity by Country 2023

After receiving a visa, citizens of certain countries or administrative regions may be required to pay a cost known as visa reciprocity, often called visa insurance. Whether you are a non-immigrant applicant going to or from the United States, you should check the reciprocity schedule to determine if you are needed to pay this charge … Read more

Domains by Country / Domain Names by Country 2023

History of Domain By Country Although the United States started utilizing the top-level in 1985, it was not until 2018 that the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority formally began giving a domain name by nation. In terms of Internet domain name registration, they are a newcomer. Each country’s domain name consists of two letters and … Read more

EV Sales by Country 2023

What Country Has the Greatest Number of EV Sales? It is no wonder that electric cars are gaining popularity as the cost of gasoline continues to grow rapidly throughout the globe. Although Tesla, perhaps the most well-known electric vehicle company in the world, is headquartered in the United States, China has seen the biggest number … Read more

Google Pay Countries / List of Google Pay Countries 2023

What is Google Pay? In 2014, Apple was the first major tech firm to release a digital wallet, but Google was on its heels. It was not until 2015 that Google developed a product specifically for its many customers. What you just heard was Google Wallet. With Google Pay, you may avoid carrying a physical … Read more

Instagram Users by Country 2023

Summary of Instagram Users by Country Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app, with an expected 2 billion users by 2022. There are around 300 million Instagram users that are considered to be celebrities or major influencers. Commercial advertising can reach around 15% of social media users; most users are casual readers or site visitors, … Read more

Internet Censorship by Country 2023

Where is Internet censorship the most extreme? The internet’s basic goal is to facilitate the unrestricted flow of information between individuals. Sadly, not all countries appear to share this view, and some practice heavy internet control. For instance, China is well-known for its stringent censorship of the internet. Internet censors in China seem to be … Read more

Semiconductor Manufacturing by Country 2023

What Is the Semiconductor Industry? The semiconductor industry consists of several businesses that create semiconductors. Semiconductors play a crucial role in computer systems. The use of semiconductors is essential to the operation of modern computers. The importance of semiconductors has grown with the global reliance on computers. Consequently, many nations have made strides to increase … Read more

Social Media Users by Country 2023

Social Media Users by Country 2022

Users of Social Networking Sites Around the World It is a shock to many to learn just how widespread social media usage has become. Some 3.9 billion individuals, or over half of the world’s population, are on social media today. There was a huge jump from 2015, when the figure was just 2.07 billion, to … Read more

Snapchat Users by Country 2023

Snapchat Users by Country 2022

In which Countries are there the most Snapchat users? For smartphone users, Snapchat is among the top applications of all time. One hundred and fourteen million Indians use Snapchat daily, making their country home to the largest Snapchat user base in the world. The United States comes in at number two, with an estimated 108 … Read more