What is Global Economy?

Global Economy

The global economy refers to the interconnected system of economic activity that occurs between countries around the world. It involves the exchange of goods, services, and capital across national borders, as well as the movement of people and ideas. In a global economy, businesses, consumers, and governments in different countries are all linked together through … Read more

Leaders Of Communist China Throughout The Years

The Communist Party of China is the People’s Republic of China’s founding party and the country’s only governing party. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao launched the party in 1921. The National Congress, which meets every fifth year, and the Central Committee, while the National Congress is not in session, are the highest governmental bodies. The … Read more

10 Best Rooftop Pools in Melbourne

It’s no wonder that Melbourne is a rooftop dream, with scorching summers and moderate winters. Apart from a variety of busy rooftop pubs, Australia’s second-biggest city also has a superb range of high places where you can swim with a view. To help you find the best rooftop pools in Melbourne, we’ve put together a … Read more

Best Cities in the World

Best Cities in the World

The “greatest” cities in the world are subjective and cannot be judged by measurements. As a result, the Time Out Index polled 34,000 people in 48 locations across the globe, as well as travel experts and editors. Some individuals feel that their home city is the finest in the world, while others say that there … Read more

Are Sharks Mammals?


Sharks are not mammals, however, they do belong to the fish family. Sharks are classed as fish, and they are divided into the subclass Outperforms. Sharks are classified as fish, but other huge marine animals such as dolphins and whales are classified as mammals. Some differences may be used to assess whether or not an … Read more

Top 10 Amazing Sharks You Never Knew Existed

Top 10 Amazing Sharks You Never Knew Existed

Sharks are one of the world’s most beautiful and misunderstood creatures. Sharks are sometimes viewed as ferocious murderers or human-eating predators, yet they are essentially peaceful and quiet creatures that avoid people whenever possible. From the small dwarf lantern shark to the enormous whale shark, there are over 1,000 distinct shark species in the world’s … Read more

Where Do Tigers Live?

Tigers are the most charismatic and feared of the Big Cats, with black stripes on a reddish-orange fur that make them immediately recognizable. Its current range comprises sections of the Indian subcontinent, the Russian Far East, parts of China, the Indochinese Peninsula, and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, although being extensive in the past. India … Read more

Are There Tigers In Africa?

Are There Tigers In Africa

The biggest of the big cats, the tiger, does not live in Africa. Though the continent is home to a wide variety of great cats and predators, tigers are not among them. Only 13 tiger-range nations in Asia are home to wild tigers. Tigers in the wild have a diverse natural environment that encompasses a … Read more

World’s Largest Exporters Of Arms

The worldwide arms trade is a vast industry, worth billions of dollars every year. The rise in weapons trade has been mostly affected by emerging economies and territorial conflicts throughout the years. Weapons experts have long been a priority for industrialized countries. Improved technology has resulted in the development of high-tech arsenals that may be … Read more

Who Are the Russian Oligarchs?

the Russian Oligarchs

In 2022, Russia’s richest people lost more than $38 billion as a result of Western sanctions imposed in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine. The top ten Russian oligarchs have a combined net worth of $186 billion, which is comparable to the market capitalization of significant publicly listed corporations such as McDonald’s and AMD. But … Read more