Are Sharks Mammals?

Sharks are not mammals, however, they do belong to the fish family. Sharks are classed as fish, and they are divided into the subclass Outperforms. Sharks are classified as fish, but other huge marine animals such as dolphins and whales are classified as mammals. Some differences may be used to assess whether or not an

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Top 10 Amazing Sharks You Never Knew Existed

Top 10 Amazing Sharks You Never Knew Existed

Sharks are one of the world’s most beautiful and misunderstood creatures. Sharks are sometimes viewed as ferocious murderers or human-eating predators, yet they are essentially peaceful and quiet creatures that avoid people whenever possible. From the small dwarf lantern shark to the enormous whale shark, there are over 1,000 distinct shark species in the world’s

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Where Do Tigers Live?

Tigers are the most charismatic and feared of the Big Cats, with black stripes on a reddish-orange fur that make them immediately recognizable. Its current range comprises sections of the Indian subcontinent, the Russian Far East, parts of China, the Indochinese Peninsula, and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, although being extensive in the past. India

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