California Population 2023 Statistics

California has the highest population of any state in the USA with a population of more than 40 million. It is 12 percent of the USA population.

The capital city of the state is Sacramento. Los Angeles is California’s most urbanized city with an estimated population of 4 million.

California is located on the Pacific coast, which is in the west of the USA. The area of 423,970 square kilometers and encompasses 4.3 percent of America.

California is part of Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and the Mexican state of Baja California.

Based on our findings, California’s population will increase to 41.060 million by the 1st of July 2022. We base our calculations on the first day of July every year because the US census bureaus typically publish the estimated population numbers for the same period.

The calculations are based on the average rate of growth of 0.79 percent over the last 10 years, starting in the year 2011. We believe that using the most recent numbers from the previous years (see our table in the following section) will help make the estimate more precise.

Population Growth of California

In the ten years before the onset of the population of California and growth rate, it is gradual but steady and ranges between 0.64 percent to 0.89 percent, which adds around 0.25 million to 0.33 million people every year to the total population.

A lot of people were moving to California to avail jobs available which contributed to the growth in population. When compared to the similar US States, California’s population growth rates are almost in line with the typical.

YearPopulation (Million)Growth rate

Demographics of California

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.7 percent of the California population is male while 50.3 percent is female.

The top five races of those living in California are white (61.8 percent), Hispanic or Latino (37.2 percent) Other Race (13.9%), Other Race (13.9%), Other Race (13.9%), Asian (13.1%), Black or African American (6.1 percent).

The top five languages (other than English) that are spoken within California comprise Spanish (28.46%), Chinese (2.80%), Tagalog (2.20%), Vietnamese (1.43%), and Korean (1.08 percent). As you can observe

Asian language dominates the non-English spoken language in California.

The religious makeup of California is: Protestant(32%),Roman Catholic(28%), No religion(27%), Judaism(3.2%), Buddhism(2%), Hinduism(2%), Islam(1%), Mormons(1%).

Population Density of California

California’s density of population is approximately 97 people for every square kilometer, being ranked 11th in the most populous states in the US.

We’re a little amazed that California isn’t even within the top 10 on the list, considering that it is the state with the highest number of people in the other states in the US.

PositionStateDemographic Density (per per)
1New Jersey470
2Rhode Island394
7New York162

Top 5 Largest Cities by Population

The figures below for population are based upon the estimates from the United States Census. They could fluctuate. We will try to make these figures as exact as is possible.

Los Angels – It is not only the largest city in California but it’s also the second-largest city in the United States with a population of around 4 million people, which accounts for 10.13 percent of California’s California population. The city is home to some of the most prestigious institutions that cover a wide range of professional and academic disciplines … learn for more information regarding Los Angels population 2022 Statistics.

San Diego – The city is situated in the south of California close to its border with Mexico. The population is more than 1.4 million people, which accounts for 3.5 percent of the state’s population. San Diego is referred to by its nickname of “the city that gave birth to California” since San Diego was also the very first European landfall, and the first European. San Diego ranks as the second-largest city in California… Read for more information regarding the San Diego population 2022 Statistics.

San Jose– With a population of more than 1 million people, San Jose is California the third-highest populated city following Los Angels and San Diego. San Jose’s population accounts for 2.5 percent of the total population. The city is situated in Northern California. The city is known as the “Capital of Silicon Valley” due to it being the financial and cultural center point in Silicon Valley… find out more details about San Jose population 2022 Statistics.

San Francisco – It is the fourth-largest city by population size in California with a population of 0.87 million, which is 2.2 percent of the population of the state. When it comes to density it is also is the largest city with the highest density of people in California and is the second-most urbanized large city of the United States, only after New York City…read more about San Francisco population 2022 Statistics.

Fresno is home to more than 0.52 million, which is 1.3 percent of California’s] population. The city is located close to the geographical Fresno is the biggest city that is inland in California. It is located close to well-known Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park… learn more about Fresno city’s population of 2022 Statistics.

Facts About California

  1. California is 34th in terms of population size in the world. It is home to a greater number of people that the other two countries, Canada as well as Australia.
  2. in 1962 California was able to surpass New York to become the world’s most populous state in the year 1962. The growth of California’s population has slowed drastically since the beginning of the 21st century.
  3. California has the most and the second highest percentage of Asian Americans by state.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger did not accept the governor’s salary of $175,000 per annum due to his existing fortune from his acting career.
  5. California earns the same amount as Italy each year. Texas earns more than Russia.
  6. The city has the biggest American Southeast Asian population which is concentrated on the LA-Long beach, Sacramento, and Fresno regions.
  7. California is the sole state in the world that has been the host for both Summer as well as the Winter Olympics.
  8. The world’s the first McDonald’s establishment opened its doors on the streets of San Bernardino, California.


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