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San Diego is a city in the state of California. It is situated in the south of California close to an area bordering Mexico.

It is home to more than 1.4 million people and is for 3.5 percent of the state’s population. San Diego is recognized as “the city that gave birth to California” because this was where the very first European landfall, and the first European.

San Diego ranks the second largest town in California and the 8th biggest city in the US.

Based on our study, San Diego’s population will be 1.497 million by the 1st of July 2022. We take the 1st day of July every year because the US census bureaus usually publish estimates of the population for the same time frame.

Population Growth of San Diego

When looking back to the past 10 decades of the population of San Diego the rate of growth has been gradual but steady, and ranges between 0.77 percent to 1.55 percent, adding about 11,000-21,000 people every year to the total population.

Many workers moved from San Diego to take advantage of job opportunities in the city and this is a major reason for the population growth. When compared to the other cities of California, San Diego’s growth rate is a bit higher than California’s average.

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Demographics of San Diego

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.6 percent of the San Diego population is male and 50.4 percent female. The average age of the average San Diego resident is 35 years old and 25 percent of the residents are under 20 and just 12 percent of those aged 65 or over.

The race distributions of the city of San Diego are White (44.5 percent), Hispanic (44.5%), Asian and Pacific Islander (16 percent), Black (6.9%), American Indian (0.4 percent), Other(4.0%).
San Diego is a multicultural city. Over 100 different languages can be spoken among San Diego residents whose families are from all over the globe.

The five most popular languages (other than English) that are spoken within San Diego are Spanish (43.6 percent), Asian Languages (7.90 percent), Pacific Islander languages (7.90 percent) Other languages (1.3 percent). As you can see, Spanish is the most popular non-English-spoken language within San Diego.

The composition of the religions in San Diego according to Pew Research Center is 68% of residents of the city identified as Christians and 22% of them attend several churches that can be classified as Protestant.

The other 32% claim to adhere to Roman Catholic beliefs while 27 percent of them claim to be not religious. Other faiths (including Judaism, Buddhism, Islam as well as Hinduism) comprise about five percent of the city’s people.

Population Density of San Diego

The population density in San Diego at 1,670 residents per square mile. This is among the largest cities with the highest density of population in America.

Facts About San Diego

  1. San Diego has been called “the birthplace of California“.
  2. San Diego is one of the top ten climates of the Farmers Almanac.
  3. San Diego airport is the most frequented one-runway airport within the U.S.
  4. San Diego airport is the largest one-runway airport within the U.S.
  5. Comparatively to the other California cities San Diego produces the most avocados.
  6. The year 1927 was the time that Charles Lindbergh made history by flying from San Diego to New York and then on to Paris without stopping.
  7. The oldest active-sailing vessel in the world The Star of India, ports in San Diego.
  8. In December 2012, San Diego has the third-largest homeless number of homeless people in the United States


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