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San Francisco is a city that is part of the state of California. It is the fourth-largest city by population size in California with a population exceeding 900,000. and accounts for 2.2% of the total population.

In terms of density, The city is also It is the most densely populated major town in California and the second most urbanized major city in the United States, only after New York City.

Based on our findings, the San Francisco population will grow to 926,280 as of 1st July of 2022. We calculate the date as the first of July every year due to US census bureaus generally publishing an estimate of population figures over the same period.

The calculation is based on an increase of 1.16 percent in the past 10 years since the year 2011. We believe that using recent data from previous years (see the table in the next section) will make the estimation more accurate.

Population Growth of San Francisco

In the back of the last ten year of San Francisco’s population, the growth rate is slow, but it is consistent between 0.70 percent to 1.63 percent, adding between 6,070 to 13,286 inhabitants each year to the total population.

Lots of workers were moving toward San Francisco to take advantage of employment opportunities which contributed to an increase in the population.

When compared to other cities in California, San Francisco’s growth rate is greater than the state average. In the last two years, the growth is comparable to the state’s average.

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Demographics of San Francisco

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.2 percent of the San Francisco population is male and 50.8 percent are female. The average age of a San Francisco resident is 38.5 years old. 9.6 percent of the residents are under the age of 24 and just 13.6 percent are aged 65 and over.

The distribution of race for San Francisco is White (48.5%), Hispanic (15.1%), Asian (33.3%), Black (6.1%), American Indian (0.5 percent), Other(6.6%).

San Francisco is a multicultural city. 54.58 percent of San Francisco residents aged five and over spoke English at home. Five of the top languages (other than English) that are spoken in San Francisco are Spanish (11.68%), Chinese (18.6%), Tagalog (3.42%), Russian (1.86%), and Vietnamese (1.45). As you can see, the Chinese dominate the non-English speaking languages due to the number of immigrants who came to San Francisco during the Gold Rush period.

In terms of wealth and wealth of residents, San Francisco ranks third in the list of American cities for median household income. The median family amount is $91,136. The urban poverty rate is around 12%, which is lower than the national average. Homeless people are estimated to be 13,500 people with 6500 homeless.

Population Density of San Francisco

The population density in the city is 7,170 residents per mile, which is among the most densely populated major cities in America

Facts About San Francisco

  1. The Chinese fortune cookie was developed by an Japanese resident from San Francisco.
  2. San Francisco was part of Mexico until the Mexican-American War in 1848.
  3. Business was so good, the city constructed an infrastructure called the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge during the Depression.
  4. The bubonic plague’s first outbreak in the continental US first broke out in San Francisco’s Chinatown in 1900.
  5. On January 24, 1848, the first gold was discovered at Sutter’s Ford located in the California foothills. In the following months, San Francisco (renamed from Yerba Buena in 1847) turned into the central port and depot for the frenetic Gold Rush.
  6. San Francisco has maintained its standing as a key point of bohemianism in the arts.
  7. SF is home to the second largest Chinatown outside of Asia. Also, it’s the oldest Chinesetown in North America.
  8. It is also the biggest and most ancient Japan town outside of the United States. It’s also among only three Japan towns still left within the US.


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