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Catherine Morrison

Catherine Morrison is a recent McGill University alumna who earned her degree with a concentration in Gender, Sexuality, Feminism, and Social Justice. She plans to graduate with a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University’s School of Journalism in the autumn of 2020. Catherine, the Executive Editor of The Why Intersection and the former

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Sardinia Outline Map

Sardinia is a large island located in the Mediterranean Sea, to the west of the Italian mainland. It is an autonomous region of Italy and has its own distinct culture, language (Sardinian), and traditions. Here are some key points about Sardinia Sardinia Geography Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily. It has

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Eurovision Song Contest – Top Performing Countries

A music competition known as the Eurovision Song Contest has been shown on television continuously since 1956. The show consistently earns some of the most excellent viewing numbers of any non-sporting event broadcast on television anywhere around the globe. This competition is attended by representatives from the vast majority of the nations that make up

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