How many States are their in USA?

There are 50 states, a federal district, a few small islands, and five main territories in the U.S. These 50 states are all contiguous, which means they are all linked together. These 48 states are all in the middle of North America, between Mexico and Canada. Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon, New Jersey, and … Read more

Illinois Population 2022 Statistics

This means that Illinois has the fifth-largest population in the United States. It has a population of close to 12.8 million people, which is about 3.9% of the US population. It is also the 12th most populated state in the United States, behind California. With a population close to 2.7 million, Illinois’ largest city is … Read more

Florida Population 2022 statistics

With a population of approximately 20.6 million people, Florida is the third most populous state in the United States, accounting for 6.38 percent of the total population. It is also the eighth-most populous state in the United States. Tallahassee is the state’s capital, while Jacksonville, with a population of over 880,000, is the state’s most … Read more

Texas Population 2022 Statistics

Texas is the second-largest population in the USA with a population of more than 28 million. It represents 6.8 percent of the US population. Texas is the second-biggest state by size in the US. The capital of the state is Austin however, the most populous city in the state by population Texas is Houston which … Read more

California Population 2023 Statistics

California has the highest population of any state in the USA with a population of more than 40 million. It is 12 percent of the USA population. The capital city of the state is Sacramento. Los Angeles is California’s most urbanized city with an estimated population of 4 million. California is located on the Pacific … Read more

Aurora Population 2022 Statistics

Aurora is one of the cities located in state Illinois. Aurora has the second-highest population of Illinois with around 202,000 residents is 1.57 percent of the total population. Aurora has been nicknamed “City of Lights“. Aurora’s population is from the city of Chicago nearly 10 times lower than Chicago. Based on our findings, Aurora population … Read more

Chicago Population 2022 Statistics

Chicago is the largest town in Illinois in terms of population, with close to 2.7 million, accounting for 21.73 percent of the state’s population. Chicago is also the second-highest populated city in the US following New York City and Los Angeles. About a quarter of people in the state live in Chicago because of the … Read more