Countries Involved in World War Two (WWII) 2022

There are already a remarkable number of nations at war, yet all of today’s conflicts would still dwarf World War II. WW2 was the largest conflict in human history, involving more than 100 million people from dozens of countries (more than in WWI) dispersed worldwide. It was the worst war ever fought, with an estimated … Read more

Failed States 2022

The term state often refers to an area governed by a single entity, such as the federal government. However, what happens if the political system as a whole fails to function properly? The outcome is a failing state. To be classified as a failed state, one must possess the following traits. Firstly, the government cannot … Read more

Eastern Bloc Countries 2022

Communism throughout Europe and Asia was known as the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. The Soviet Union, China, and their allies ruled these nations. Eastern Bloc countries were sometimes referred to as second-world countries during the Cold War. The Eastern Bloc and the U.S. and its allies were the first-world nations. The Eastern and … Read more

D Day Casualties by Country 2022

Known as D-Day, the Battle of Normandy occurred from June through August 1944 under the codename Operation Overlord. World War II’s D-Day, or Normandy landings, took place on June 6, 1944. Invading Normandy in northern France, the Allied armies of Great Britain, the United States, Canada, and France battled German forces. The Allies would liberate … Read more

Countries That Have Landed On the Moon 2022

Countries all across the globe have improved their technologies in recent years. From cellphones to self-driving automobiles, our environment is becoming increasingly technologically sophisticated. ‘ Outer space is one area that has seen considerable progress but is still very enigmatic. Even with the technical improvements, we’ve witnessed over the many previous decades, reaching or exploring … Read more

Oldest Countries 2022

A country’s survival in the modern world is very tough, notwithstanding how bizarre it may seem to think of one’s native country disappearing. A single war or armed conflict may wreak havoc on the economy, industry, environment, infrastructure, and political relationships. There are approximately 200 countries around the globe, and despite these difficulties, a few … Read more

Which Countries Did Germany Invade During World War 2?

At its height, approximately 80 nations and territories were engaged in World War II, with Germany, the Axis powerhouse, invading and occupying nearly one-fourth of those countries and territories. Two years after the outbreak of World War II, German troops had taken over the whole continent of Europe using blitzkreig (flash war) tactics, which were … Read more

Allies During WWI 2022

Two opposing groupings of nations formed throughout the two major conflicts: World War I and World War II, both of which had a global scope and included many countries. Germany, Turkey, and Austria-Hungary formed the Central Powers (Germany, Turkey, and Austria-Hungary) (France, Russia, and Great Britain). About 20 years later, the nations participating in World … Read more

Allies During WWII 2022

The Second World War broke out twenty-one years after the conclusion of the First World War. Allies from World War I teamed up with the Axis Powers in World War II to fight the reconstituted Central Powers, dubbed the Axis Powers. A new ally for Britain and France was Poland, which had just gained its … Read more

Axis Powers

Two groupings of nations fought each other during World War II. It was the Allies who stood in opposition to the Axis Powers during World War II. A friendship agreement between Germany and Italy was signed in 1936, marking the beginning of this partnership. Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator, created the word “axis” after ratifying … Read more