Vancouver Population 2022 Statistics

The current population of Vancouver was 631,486. Vancouver is the 8th biggest city in Canada and the most populous city in British Columbia. Vancouver is the city that Vancouver is home to one of every seven residents in BC. The greater Metro Vancouver population is 2,463,431 which makes it the third-largest metropolitan region in Canada … Read more

Winnipeg Population 2022 Statistics

The city in Winnipeg is 705,244 residents. This means that it is Winnipeg the 7th largest town within Canada and the biggest city within Manitoba. Province of Manitoba. The total Winnipeg Metro Area population is 778,489which covers the city as well as surrounding areas. The city of Winnipeg comprises more than half of Manitoba’s population. … Read more

Mississauga Population 2022 Statistics

The number of people living in Mississauga has reached 721,599. This is what makes Mississauga the sixth-largest city in Canada and the third-largest town in Ontario. Mississauga together with Brampton the 9th largest city is a component of the Greater Toronto Area. While it was initially established as an outlying suburb of Toronto However, today … Read more

Edmonton Population 2022 Statistics

The population for 2021 in Edmonton is 1,047,003. This represents 23.7 percent of the number of people living in Alberta. This figure is based on extrapolating the data from the census of 2016. The census for 2021 is expected in 2022. Edmonton is among the five biggest cities in Canada. It is known by its … Read more

Ottawa Population 2022 Statistics

Ottawa’s population is Ottawa of 934,243 people. This means that it makes Ottawa the fourth-largest city in Canada and the second-largest town in Ontario as well as the thirty-third biggest town within North America. Ottawa is known as the capital and the capital city of Canada It is located in Ontario just across Canada’s border … Read more

Calgary Population 2022 Statistics

The Calgary population Calgary has reached 1.2 million (1,239,220). This is what makes Calgary the third-largest city in Canada and the biggest city in Alberta, and the 20th-largest city in North America. The most recent information available from Statistics Canada shows that the population of the Calgary Census Metropolitan Area (of which the city of … Read more

Montreal Population 2022 Statistics

The population at present in Montreal currently stands at 1.7 million (1,704,694). These are the second-largest cities in Canada (after Toronto and ahead of Calgary) and the biggest cities in Quebec. The greater total population in the Montreal metropolitan region has reached 4.9 million (4,098,927) (2016 figures) as well as the island population within Montreal … Read more

Toronto Population 2022 statistics

What number of people reside within Toronto: The current population of Toronto in 2022 is 2.7 million (2,731,571). This is what makes Toronto one of the most populous cities in Canada and the fourth-largest within North America. The total Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has a population of 6.4 million. This is what makes the GTA … Read more

Aurora Population 2022 Statistics

Aurora is one of the cities located in state Illinois. Aurora has the second-highest population of Illinois with around 202,000 residents is 1.57 percent of the total population. Aurora has been nicknamed “City of Lights“. Aurora’s population is from the city of Chicago nearly 10 times lower than Chicago. Based on our findings, Aurora population … Read more