Visa Reciprocity by Country 2023

After receiving a visa, citizens of certain countries or administrative regions may be required to pay a cost known as visa reciprocity, often called visa insurance. Whether you are a non-immigrant applicant going to or from the United States, you should check the reciprocity schedule to determine if you are needed to pay this charge … Read more

-Stan Countries 2022

The suffix –stan is of Indo-European and Indo-Iranian origin. This Persian affix designates a geographic location. This prefix designates a geographical area that includes a country or territory that has embraced elements of the Persian cultural tradition. These territories may be found throughout Asia and Russia. The suffix -stan appears in the English names of … Read more

Transcontinental Countries 2022

While most nations are confined to a single continent, a select few are global citizens. Russia is perhaps the best-known example since it straddles both Europe and Asia. Russia’s European and Asian regions have very different histories and cultures, yet they are nonetheless unified under Moscow’s rule. Turkey is another transcontinental nation because of its … Read more

Sovereign Nation 2022

The definition of a sovereign state. A sovereign nation is one whose central government has absolute authority over the whole country or territory. International law establishes the criteria for what constitutes a sovereign nation: a delineated region ruled by a single central authority. These states have a consistent population and the ability to form diplomatic … Read more

Largest Countries in Africa 2022

Africa is the second-largest continent on Earth by total geographical area, with 54 independent nations and 10 dependent territories covering an estimated 30,365,000 km2 (11,724,000 mi²). Even though it extends deep into the Southern Hemisphere, Africa contains the most equatorial nations. The continent’s size, shape, and position all contribute to its remarkable variety of landscapes, … Read more

Largest Countries in Americas 2022

Both North and South America are included in the geographical region known as the Americas. Both North America and South America are part of the New World, which is situated in the Western Hemisphere. Humans first migrated to the Americas from Asia between 42,000 and 17,000 years ago, according to this theory. Although the Norse … Read more

Micronations 2022

A micronation is a freshly established nation-state that has yet to gain international recognition from the likes of the United Nations. In contrast to a microstate, which is a very small nation with its recognised government, this does not have its official government (such as the Vatican or the South Pacific country of Tuvalu). Instead, … Read more

Most Urbanized Countries 2022

The term urbanisation describes the trend of a country’s population moving from the countryside towards urban centres at a faster rate than the reverse. As a consequence, both rural communities and city inhabitants will need to adjust to a more urban lifestyle. Cities emerge and expand primarily via urbanisation. The United Nations (UN) predicts that … Read more

Newest Countries 2022

While there are now 193 member states and 2 observer states in the United Nations, 211 member states are recognised by FIFA. New nations often emerge as the result of the dissolution or division of an existing nation. Sometimes, though, new countries are just formerly colonised regions that have attained political independence and become fully … Read more

Number of Jews in the World 2022

Over the last 3,500 years, Judaism has expanded from its Middle Eastern birthplace to almost every region of the world. Many of the guiding principles of contemporary society may be traced back to Jewish ideas and values. Late in the year 2021 (Rosh Hashanah 5782), there were around 15.2 million Jews alive (and rising). The … Read more