Transcontinental Countries 2022

While most nations are confined to a single continent, a select few are global citizens. Russia is perhaps the best-known example since it straddles both Europe and Asia.

Russia’s European and Asian regions have very different histories and cultures, yet they are nonetheless unified under Moscow’s rule.

Turkey is another transcontinental nation because of its location in both Europe and Asia. In the same way that the Bosphorus separates Europe and Asia, so too does the city of Istanbul sit on the continents of both.

The Turkish government, aware of its strategic location in Europe, has repeatedly applied to join the European Union, only to be repeatedly rejected on the grounds of political disagreements.

Greater urbanisation may be seen in Turkey’s European provinces, whereas the country’s Asian regions are more rural.

Transcontinental Countries 2022

Culturally, Kazakhstan is a part of Central Asia, yet a little sliver of its territory is on the European side of the Ural River. As a result, some Kazakhs call Europe home, yet Europeans nevertheless identify strongly with their Central Asian heritage.

Azerbaijan is a nation in Central Asia with a border that reaches into Europe; as a result, around 5% of its people reside in Europe.

Although it is located in Europe, Denmark claims Greenland, the world’s biggest island, as part of its borders. Since Greenland is included on the continent of North America, Denmark is technically a transcontinental nation.

Since the boundary between Panama and Colombia is not clearly defined by physical features like rivers or mountains, some people argue that Panama spans two continents. Many people think of Panama as being in North America, while some argue that it is also in South America.

Some islands in the Caribbean have an unclear continental affiliation. Some of them are closer to South America and have more South American than North American culture, yet they are nonetheless classified as part of North America.

Because the islands of Trinidad and Tobago span two continental shelves, a portion of each is located in North America and the other in South America.

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Egypt is located in North Africa, but it also lays claim to the West Asian territory of the Sinai Peninsula. The Sinai Peninsula is so dry and rugged that just a small population calls it home.

It is not uncommon for a country’s territories to be situated on a continent different from the one where the country’s main landmass is found. All of these nations span several continents.

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