-Stan Countries 2022

The suffix –stan is of Indo-European and Indo-Iranian origin. This Persian affix designates a geographic location. This prefix designates a geographical area that includes a country or territory that has embraced elements of the Persian cultural tradition.

These territories may be found throughout Asia and Russia.

The suffix -stan appears in the English names of seven different countries. That group includes the countries of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan is the biggest of these countries.

Tajikistan is the smallest of the five. Pakistan, with over 207 million people, has the most inhabitants. Turkmenistan, with a population of more than 5.1 million, is in last place in terms of population size.

-Stan Countries 2022

Other numerous countries have the suffix in the names Armenian, Persian, or Turkish. This consists of Hayastan (Armenia), Vrastan (Georgia), Hunastan (Greece), and Hayastan (Poland) in Armenian (Lehastan).

The names of these countries in Persian are as follows: Armenia (Armanestan), England (Engelestan), Georgia (Gorjestan), Hungary (Majarestan), India (Hindustan), Mongolia (Mogholestan), and Serbia (Serbestan).

Turkey’s word for Bulgaria is Bulgaristan, along with Hirbatistan, Yunanistan, Macaristan, India, Mongolistan, Poland, Saudi Arabistan, and Serbia (Sirbistan).

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It is also used as a suffix by several cities and territories below the national level. Arghistan and Gulistan in Afghanistan, Burastan and Aygestan in Armenia, Takestan and Larestan in Iran, and several locations in Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan are all included.

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