Visa Reciprocity by Country 2024

After receiving a visa, citizens of certain countries or administrative regions may be required to pay a cost known as visa reciprocity, often called visa insurance.

Whether you are a non-immigrant applicant going to or from the United States, you should check the reciprocity schedule to determine if you are needed to pay this charge and to see if the cost has changed since you last travelled.

What is the Reciprocity Schedule?

The Reciprocity Schedule is used by the U.S. Department of State to offer detailed instructions on how to gather required documentation for a Green Card or U.S. visa application.

The document’s availability, where to get an official copy, and any associated fees are all country-specific.

To be sure you are presenting the right form of identification if it was issued in a nation other than the United States, you should review the reciprocity schedule.

The processing time of your application may be greatly extended if the United States government rejects your papers or asks for further information because they do not conform to the reciprocity schedule requirements.

Reciprocity Schedule Terminology

Visa Classification: The kind of nonimmigrant visa for which you are requesting.

Apart from the application price for a non-immigrant visa, you must also pay a “reciprocity charge” (MRV)

You may enter the United States a certain number of times throughout your visa’s validity period. An “M” signifies multiple entries into the United States; a single “One” represents a single application.

Length of time between when the visa was given and when it must be utilised to go to the United States.

Reciprocity by Country: How to Use the Reciprocity Schedule

Instructions on how to make use of the reciprocity calendar are provided below.

Open the Reciprocity Schedule

Information about U.S. embassies and consulates in the country that issued your document and the visa services they provide can be found on the U.S. Visa – Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country webpage on the U.S. Department of State’s website (

Filter by Country

On the left-hand red box, click the first letter of the nation that issued your passport. If you want, you may choose All to get an alphabetized list of all the countries from which you can choose.

Find Your Country

Click on the name of the nation that issued your document by scrolling down the page. When applying for a green card, you may ignore the Explanation of Terms and Visa Classifications sections and continue scrolling through them to the Application Instructions section.

You may find out whether you have to pay a reciprocity fee by looking at the Visa Classifications section. Whether or not U.S. citizens are exempt from paying the visa application cost for their nation depends on whether or not your country has an agreement with the United States.

Search for Your Document

Find the name of your file by scrolling down. To add more, use the addition sign (+) at the very end of the grey area.

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View the Document Details

The status of the document’s Availability is shown in the enlarged box.

If the State Department does not provide instructions on how to get your record, or if the nation does not produce such records due to its laws or other reasons, your document will be labelled N/A, Unavailable, or Generally not available.

If this document is required by the United States government for your green card application, you must still provide either another form of identification or a written statement detailing the reasons you are unable to do so.

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