Largest Countries in Americas 2022

Both North and South America are included in the geographical region known as the Americas. Both North America and South America are part of the New World, which is situated in the Western Hemisphere.

Humans first migrated to the Americas from Asia between 42,000 and 17,000 years ago, according to this theory. Although the Norse adventurer Leif Erikson arrived in the Americas first, Christopher Columbus’s expeditions were the first to result in the continent’s permanent settlement.

The Isthmus of Panama is the geographical location where North America and South America meet.

When the continents were divided at the Costa Rican border, Panama was considered to be a part of South America despite its current location as a province of Colombia. After Panama’s independence in 1903, the boundary between the two countries shifted.

Largest Countries in Americas 2022

Only Panama has managed to switch continents. With a total land area of 42.55 million square kilometres (16.43 million square miles), the Americas account for around 8.0% of Earth’s total surface and 28.4% of Earth’s total land area.

The United States, Brazil, and Mexico are home to over two-thirds of the 1.02 billion people that reside throughout both continents.

The United States has 31 nations and dozens of territories throughout both continents, while numerous European countries including the United Kingdom, France, Norway, the Netherlands, and Denmark also have extensive holdings in North and South America.

Here are the top 10 biggest countries in the Americas:

  1. Canada (3,854,083 mi2)
  2. United States (3,617,827 mi2)
  3. Brazil (3,287,086 mi2)
  4. Argentina (1,073,234 mi2)
  5. Mexico (758,249 mi2)
  6. Peru (486,093 mi2)
  7. Colombia (440,715 mi2)
  8. Bolivia (424,052 mi2)
  9. Venezuela (353,748 mi2)
  10. Chile (291,855 mi2)
Largest Countries in Americas 2022

With an area of 3,854,083 square miles, Canada is the biggest nation in the world (9,984,670 square kilometres). Not only is Canada the third-largest nation in terms of land area, but it is also the sixth-largest by population.

Despite its vast territory, Canada’s total population of 37,500,000 places is just 39th globally in terms of people.

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Since the northern section of Canada experiences terrible weather conditions, the bulk of the population resides in the southernmost regions near the Canadian-US border.

The United States, with roughly 3,617,827 square miles, is the second-largest nation in the Americas (9,372,610 square kilometres). The United States, with a total of about 329,000,000 inhabitants, ranks third in terms of population.

1Canada9984670North AmericaNorthern America
2United States9372610North AmericaNorthern America
3Brazil8515767South AmericaSouth America
4Argentina2780400South AmericaSouth America
5Mexico1964375North AmericaCentral America
6Peru1285216South AmericaSouth America
7Colombia1141748South AmericaSouth America
8Bolivia1098581South AmericaSouth America
9Venezuela916445South AmericaSouth America
10Chile756102South AmericaSouth America
11Paraguay406752South AmericaSouth America
12Ecuador276841South AmericaSouth America
13Guyana214969South AmericaSouth America
14Uruguay181034South AmericaSouth America
15Suriname163820South AmericaSouth America
16Nicaragua130373North AmericaCentral America
17Honduras112492North AmericaCentral America
18Cuba109884North AmericaCaribbean
19Guatemala108889North AmericaCentral America
20Panama75417North AmericaCentral America
21Costa Rica51100North AmericaCentral America
22Haiti27750North AmericaCaribbean
23Belize22966North AmericaCentral America
24El Salvador21041North AmericaCentral America
25Bahamas13943North AmericaCaribbean
26Jamaica10991North AmericaCaribbean
27Trinidad and Tobago5130North AmericaCaribbean
28Saint Lucia616North AmericaCaribbean
29Antigua and Barbuda442North AmericaCaribbean
30Barbados430North AmericaCaribbean
31Saint Vincent and the Grenadines389North AmericaCaribbean
32Grenada344North AmericaCaribbean
33Saint Kitts and Nevis261North AmericaCaribbean

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