Brown Hyenas Lead Fascinating Lives In Namibia Amid Many Challenges

Hyenas, frequently overlooked, generally misunderstood, and occasionally even hated by our species, are essential to maintaining the health and viability of the environment, which benefits us in several ways. With the help of Dr. Ingrid Wiesel, a leading authority on hyena conservation, we examine the brown hyena’s way of life, discover how endangered it is … Read more

What Is A Derecho?

A derecho is a large group of winds that come with storms or showers that move quickly. Derecho comes from a Spanish word that means straight or direct. People have used the word derecho to describe strong winds that move in a straight line. This is different from tornadoes, which are made up of twisted … Read more

Walrus Facts – Animals Of The Ocean

The only living member of the family Odobenidae with flippers is the walrus. Depending on where they live, there are three subspecies: the Atlantic walrus, the Pacific walrus, and the Arctic walrus. The Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans are home to one of the three subspecies. Walruses have been a big part of the culture … Read more

Habitats And Ecosystems In Poland

Poland is a country in Central Europe. It is about twice as big as the U.S. state of Georgia and just a little smaller than the U.S. state of New Mexico. The country is one of the places in Europe with many different kinds of plants and animals. The government has a low level of … Read more

10 Animals That Live In Paraguay

Paraguay is a country in South America that can only be reached by land. It has many different ecosystems, like the Gran Chaco, which is in the west of the country in the Ro de la Plata basin and is made up of grasslands, marshes, forests, and dunes. Part of the world’s largest wetland, the … Read more

What Countries Have Tornadoes? 2022

United States According to the National Weather Service, the United States has the largest number of tornadoes in the world. Every year, the United States sees an average of 1200 tornadoes. Although tornadoes may occur at any time of year, they are most prevalent in early summer and late spring in the Southeast and Midwest … Read more

Solar Power by Country 2022

The sun’s rays are turned into heat or electricity in solar power. Clean, affordable, and abundantly accessible worldwide, solar power is an ideal source of electricity. Solar electricity may be generated at every site where the sun strikes the Earth. Solar energy is a limitless resource because it is derived from the sun. There are … Read more

Renewable Energy by Country 2022

A renewable energy source is a source of energy that is not depleted and is regenerated on a human timeline (are renewable). Solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, ocean, hydrogen, and biomass are all forms of renewable energy. There are three major sources of renewable energy: hydroelectric, wind, and solar. Renewable energy is on the rise. Job … Read more

Plastic Pollution by Country 2022

Plastic pollution is a global problem. Humans have manufactured more than 8 billion tonnes of plastic since 1950, but only about 9 percent has been recycled; the rest has ended up in landfills. Plastic may harm the ecosystem by seeping hazardous compounds into soil and groundwater, but it can also choke or kill animals who … Read more

Natural Gas Consumption by Country 2022

Natural gas is seen by many as a bridge fuel that may assist countries throughout the globe in shifting from coal and oil to greener, cleaner, more renewable energy sources since it is cheaper to produce and burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. Natural gas is an essential fuel and a significant resource in many … Read more