Rebelling Countries 2022

Six different factors cause rebellion. A country’s inhabitants may become dissatisfied with their government for several political reasons, the most obvious of which is a dislike of its leaders’ arrogance and corruption.

Protests against political figures being persecuted or killed are common in uprisings.

The second is economic isolation: when a country’s resources are divided, the people in the ignored parts will rise against their national government because of the purposeful seclusion.

Because of religious ties and views, groups of individuals in a nation may go to the streets to protest the government’s acceptance of their abuse. Countries in uprising often cite this as a cause.

Foreign involvement is a fourth possible explanation. A nation’s population may go to the streets to defend their country’s independence if a foreign country interferes in their domestic affairs.

Foreign governments may claim sovereignty over the land in a neighboring or foreign nation. Governments that fail to protect their territory may find themselves on the wrong end of an uprising by people who live in the areas of contention.

Finally, secession is the act of breaking away from a bigger organization. When individuals in a specific area decide to break away from a bigger organization and function independently, this is known as a breakaway.

In some circumstances, secession is peaceful and mutually agreed upon, but in most cases, it is accomplished via insurrection. It’s not uncommon for nations to break away from the rest of the world, even in the 21st century.

Rebelling Countries 2022

What countries are now on the verge of a rebellion?

Several rebel factions have besieged cities and towns around Syria over the 10-year rebellion. They include the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as ISIL or ISIS), the Kurdish Forces, the Free Syrian Army, and the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front (also known as SIF).

Al-Shabaab is the most powerful insurgent organization in Somalia. Southern Somalia is under its authority. Since 2007, Hamas has ruled the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

Since the beginning of the Yemen Civil War in 2014, the Houthis have controlled northern Yemen and the country’s capital city of Sanaa. In 2011, the Sudan Revolutionary Front and the Justice and Equality Movement began Sudan’s internal strife.

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Rebel factions have taken control of Blue Nile State, Darfur, and South Kordofan. Parts of Shan State and Kachin State are now under the hands of the Kachin Independence Party in Myanmar’s ongoing Kachin war (Burma).

Ethiopia’s military is at odds with the Tigray People Liberation Front in the country’s continuing Tigray conflict. The Tigray War has spilled over into neighboring Eritrea and Sudan. In the year 2001, American forces invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to oust the Taliban from power.

Kurdish-Turkish hostilities began in 2015 and have continued ever since. The Turkish government is waging war against a slew of Kurdish separatist factions.

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