Population of Western Australia 2022 Statistics

Western Australia, also known as WA, is the largest state in Australia. Perth is the capital of the state. Perth. Perth is home to an estimate of more than 1.7 million residents.

Western Australia is Australia’s largest state. It covers 2,529,875 sq km, representing 34 percent of Australia’s landmass.

With 12,889 km of the mainland coastline, Western Australia has the longest coastline among all Australian territories and states.

Based on our research, Western Australia’s population will be 2.84 million when the June end date is 2022.

The end of June is the date we use every year due to the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS), which follows the Australian fiscal year whenever they have we push the figures.

This calculation is based upon the annual growth rate of 1.78 percent over the past ten years, starting from 2011. We believe that using the latest year’s figures (see the table in the next section) will help make the estimate more precise.

Population Growth of Western Australia

In the ten years before the onset of population growth in Western Australia, the rate of change is highly consistent. It ranges from 0.77 percent to 3.70 percent, adding between 10,000 to 100,000 people every year to the total population.

Additionally, WA has the highest increase in population in the world.

One factor contributing to the speedy growth is the boom in mining in Australia, which has created many jobs. In the last two years, population growth has slowed.

We believe that it is connected to the mining sector. It slows down because of increasing demand in China has decreased. Some people were fired and relocated to other states.

YearPopulation        Growth rate       
20112.35 millionn/a
20122.43 million3.40%
20132.52 million3.70%
20142.57 million1.98%
20152.59 million0.78%
20162.61 million0.77%
20172.64 million1.15%
20182.67 million1.14%
20192.72 million1.87%
20202.76 million1.81%
20212.80 million1.20%

Demography of Western Australia

According to the Australian census data, 50.3 percent of Western Australians are male and 49.7 percent female.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders account for 3.1 percent of the Western Australian population.

The five most common ancestries among the people of WA include English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and Italian.

The five most popular languages (other than English) spoken in WA include Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Arabic.

The top six birth countries for those living in WA include Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, India, and Scotland.

The composition of religion in Western Australia is: 25.5 percent No religious affiliation, 23.6% Catholic, 18.8 percent Anglican, 9.7% Religious affiliations are not listed, 3.3% Uniting Church, 2.8% Christian, 2.2 percent of Presbyterian and Reformed. 2.1 percent Buddhism, 1.9% Baptist, 1.7% Islam.

Population Density of Western Australia

The density of Western Australia at 0.89 people per square kilometer, which ranks two nds the state with the lowest population density in Australia following the Northern Territory. WA is among the states with the lowest density of population around the globe.

PositionStatePopulation density
1Australian Capital Territory151.49
3New South Wales8.64
6South Australia1.62
7Western Australia0.89
8Northern Territory0.16

Employment, Occupations, and Industries

As per ABS, 60.7% of the population of Western Australia works full time, 28.1% are working in part-time positions. Western Australia has an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent.

The principal occupations of those who reside within Western Australia are Professionals, Trades, technicians, administrative and clerical workers, managers, laborers, Personal and Community Service workers, Sales employees, drivers, operators of machines, and other equipment.

The most important industries that residents of Western Australia work in are Social and health care Construction, Retail trade manufacturing, education and training professionals, scientific and technological services, public administration and mining, accommodation, and food and beverage services.

Facts About Western Australia

  1. Western Australia is home to the Argyle Mine, the largest producer in the world of diamonds.
  2. Western Australia produces around 70 percent of Gold and other significant exports, including salt, nickel, and various other metals.
  3. Before Dutch explorations arrived in Western Australia, Europeans did not know about Black Swans and believed that all Swans were white.
  4. The city of Broome is home to the world’s oldest outdoor cinema operating since.
  5. The well-known Hollywood celebrities Heath Ledger, Melissa George, and Gemma Ward are from Western Australia.
  6. Western Australia is also home to the most extended straight rail on the planet.
  7. WA is the second biggest nation globally, following Russia’s Sakha.
  8. Broome is the world’s largest producer of pearls.


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