Wollongong Population 2022 Statistics 

Wollongong, also known as The Gong, is a New South Wales city. With more than 213,000, Wollongong is New South Wales’s third-largest city.

It is also Australia’s 10th largest. Wollongong can be found only 80kms from Sydney CBD.

Our research shows that Wollongong’s population will be 222,932 in June 2022. This is because Australia Bureau Statistics ABS follows the financial year of Australia when pushing the data.

This calculation is based upon the average annual growth rate of 0.8% over the last ten years. The estimation will be more accurate if we use the most recent years’ data (see the table below).

Population Growth in Wollongong

The growth rate of Wollongong’s population over the last ten years ranges from 0.55% – to 1.23%. This is due to people choosing to stay here because it’s cheaper than Sydney, and only an hour drive from Wollongong.

Around 37,000 students attend the University of Wollongong, which keeps growing steadily.

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Demographics of Wollongong

According to the Australian census, Wollongong has many cultural and ethnic groups. Australia, China, and England are the top five countries for Wollongong residents.

Other than English, the top five languages spoken in Wollongong include Mandarin, Macedonian and Arabic.

Wollongong’s religion is primarily Christian. Anglican (23.8%) and Catholic (29.2%), respectively, are the major religions. 14.8% have no faith.

Population density of Wollongong

Wollongong has a population density of 442 people per km, making it one of the most populated cities in New South Wales.

Occupations and Industries

According to the Australian census, Wollongong’s main occupations are 29.1% professionals, 13.5% Clerical and administrative workers, 12.4% community & personal service workers. 11.3% Technicians/trades workers. 11.0% Managers. 9.0% Sales workers. 6.7% Labourers. 5.2% Machinery operators. & drivers. 2.0% Undescribed Occupation.

Wollongong’s primary industries include 13.5% Health and social assistance, 12.2% Education, training, and 10.2% Accommodation, food, and service.

Facts about Wollongong

  1. Wollongong is the home of the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.
  2. The Wollongong City Gallery houses one of New South Wales’s most important regional art collections. It focuses on colonial and early Australian art and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.
  3. According to local Aboriginal languages, Wollongong means seas to the South. “ This refers to NSW’s Southern Coast.
  4. Wollongong is the only university. It was previously part of the University of New South Wales.
  5. Wollongong is a coastal city in the Illawarra region connected to the Pacific Ocean.
  6. Wollongong can experience almost every weather condition. Because it is an oceanic city, both locals and tourists can enjoy cool breezes throughout the year.
  7. Wollongong is passionate about art, culture, and galleries and encourages them.
  8. Wollongong’s average age is 32 years.


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