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Gold Coast is a coastal city in Queensland. Gold Coast is Australia’s 6th-largest city in Australia, with an estimated population of 560K people.

Gold Coast is also the most significant capital city that is not a major one in Australia. Gold Coast is located 66km south-southeast of Brisbane (Queensland capital city).

The area of the city comprises 1402 sq km. Gold Coast is famous for the 57 kilometers of sandy beaches (from South Stradbroke Island to Rainbow Bay) with an average temp of just 22 degrees.

Based on our study, the Gold Coast population will be 619,422 by June 2022. We use the end of June every year.

This is because Australia Bureau Statistics ABS consistently adheres to Australia the financial year when the statistics release them.

The calculations are based on the average growth rate of 1.69 percent over the last ten years starting from 2011. We believe that using the most recent year’s figures (see this table in the next section) will help make the estimate more precise.

Population Growth of the Gold Coast

If we look back at the last ten years of the population growth in Gold Coast, The growth rate is highly consistent and steady with a range of 1.28 percent to 2.25 percent, adding between 7,098 to 11,614 people every year to the total population.

Tourism is the Gold Coast’s primary industry and has been consistently robust over time. Tourism provides a variety of job opportunities.

This is why many people choose to move into Gold Coat for work, which significantly contributes to the increase in population.

Gold Coast has recorded high growth in population numbers in 2012 (2.25 percent), more than the Australian average for population growth.

YearPopulationGrowth rate

Demography of the Gold Coast Gold Coast

Based on the Australian census data, Gold Coast is a highly diverse city with many ethnic and cultural groups.

Almost two-thirds of the people in the Gold Coast-born overseas come from English-speaking regions (in particular, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and South Africa).

There have also been minor but increasing numbers of immigrants from Asia such as Japan, China, the Philippines, India, and South Korea.

On a national scale, there has been witnessed a shift from European towards Asian movement (in particular, from China and Southern Asia).

The top five overseas countries for birthplaces: New Zealand (9.2%), United Kingdom (7.1%), South Africa (1.3%), Japan (0.8 0.8%), China (excl. SARs ), and Taiwan) (0.7 0.7%).

The Top five languages other than English that are spoken in homes: Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, and Italian

The density of Population on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast population density is 417 people per square kilometer, ranking as the most populated non-state capital in Australia.

Information about Gold Coast

  1. It is believed that the Gold Coast is one of the cities growing at the fastest rate in Australia. The city’s population currently exceeds 500,000. However, this figure is predicted to increase to 820,000 over the next 20 years.
  2. People from Queensland speak of their conditions being “beautiful one day and perfect the next day.” The average is 300 sunny days each season on the Gold Coast; this comment is valid.
  3. Gold Coast Gold Coast is 5,000 Km2 in size and includes 70 km of coastline and 270 km of waterways.
  4. In 2018 the number of visitors who visit the Gold Coast will increase above the usual 12 million annually since it will host the 21st Commonwealth Games.
  5. Gold Coast City has been classified as one of the most desirable cities around the globe to live in a list of political, social, economic, and environmental aspects, including health and safety for individuals.
  6. Gold Coast Gold Coast is located less than an hour’s drive from Brisbane, and a rail link and Pacific Motorway connect Brisbane to the Gold Coast.
  7. Gold Coast is served by two international and domestic air terminals, domestic and international. Gold Coast is the international gateway to 26 international destinations operated by 30 different airlines.
  8. The Gold Coast offers one of the most extensive theme parks throughout the southern hemisphere that provide interactive experiences.


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