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Persia was the former name of Iran. The Indo-European population known as the Parsa settled in southern Iran about the year 1000 BCE in what was then known as Persis, thus the name Persia.

Iran, which means “Land of the Aryans,” was a common name for Persia. In 1935, the country’s name was formally changed to Iran.

Iranians of Persian descent now make up most of the country’s population. Farsi, or Persian, is the common language of the Persian people, who are all Iranians. ‘

Islam is the religion of the majority. In the Persian population, there are several social strata. The occupation of each member of a given class sets it apart from the others.

Entrepreneurs and real estate investors make up the higher echelons of society. Merchants and clerics make up the next group.

Civil servants and white-collar employees make up the middle class. Workers follow that. Unskilled laborers and the jobless make up the lowest echelons of Iranian society.

Noruz, the Persian New Year, is one of the most significant festivals celebrated by Iranians. Many Iranians meet to eat traditional Persian cuisines during these festivals, such as lamb, rice, vegetables, and popular spices.

Most Iranians reside in Iran now. There are many Iranians, though, who are not Persian.

The Azeri and Kurdish peoples are two more ethnic and tribal groupings present in contemporary Iran. According to the CIA Factbook moreover, half of Iran’s population is Persian.

All Persians aren’t necessarily from Iran, although they may trace their ancestry. Persians may be found in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf republics, among others, rather than in Iran itself.

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