East African Countries 2022

African countries located in the easternmost part of the continent are known as East Africa. East Africa is home to a whopping twenty-one different nations.

There are so many diverse tribes of people in Eastern Africa, which makes this section of the continent so intriguing. Eastern Africa is home to a variety of subregions, including…

  • Central African Federation
  • East African Community
  • African Great Lakes Region
  • Horn of Africa
  • British East Africa Confederate

The nations of East Africa border the Indian Ocean. Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Seychelles are all East African nations located on the Atlantic Ocean’s shore.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to give you a quick outline of the nations in East Africa. Eastern Africa is home to various terrain masses and countries, making it easy to become lost.

To begin, the East African Community (EAC) is a grouping of a few nations that is simple to recall. East African Community (EAC) members are Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan (SS), Tanzania (T), and Uganda (Uganda).

The Horn of Africa comprises the East African nations of Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. The four nations listed above are officially considered part of East Africa, even though some consider this area unique and independent from the easternmost section of Africa.

East African nations are not limited to those found in the continent’s easternmost region. It’s easy to overlook that certain nations are located off the coast of Africa, making it simple to overlook East African island countries. Mauritius, Seychelles, and Comoros are just a handful of the islands in East Africa.

Although they are formally administered by other nations (such as France), East Africa’s French possessions are considered part of the continent.

Although Mayotte and Reunion, two French overseas territories in East Africa, are under French authority, they are, in fact, East African republics that sit immediately in the Indian Ocean.

In the Nile Valley, which straddles the border between Sudan and South Sudan, you’ll discover yet another part of East Africa. Two nations in Eastern Africa are yet another example of the continent categorizing two independent regions of the continent.

Both South Sudan & Sudan are sometimes confused for nations in Northern Africa. However, the fact is that these two countries are located in East Africa. South Sudan and Sudan are part of a region known as COMESA, or the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, which is fascinating in its own right.

Kenya is often mentioned in passing when discussing East Africa, although it is frequently overlooked since it does not lie entirely along the easternmost frontier of the continent.

Don’t allow that Uganda and Tanzania aren’t generally considered part of East Africa to deter you from visiting there! Indeed, all three of these nations are located in the continent’s easternmost region.

Many East African nations overlap with other parts of Africa and are thus included in many regions of Africa, as can be seen, while learning about the various regions of Africa.

According to the classification system used, both Madagascar and Mozambique are located in southern Africa, although they are also categorized as nations in East Africa.

Madagascar, a small island off the coast of Africa, is sometimes mistaken for being a part of Asia. East Africa recognizes the island nation as a part of its territory.

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The total population of Ethiopia is 109,710,484 people. Ethiopia is the world’s twelfth-largest nation by land area, having a total area of 386,102 square miles.

The nation borders Somalia on the west, Eritrea on the south, Kenya on the north, and Sudan and South Sudan on the east. Addis Ababa serves as the country’s capital.


Kenya has a population of 52,007,855 and is located in East Africa. Kenya has 219,746 square miles of area inside its boundaries, with a population density of 238 people per square mile.

Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi, located on the Indian Ocean’s eastern coast. The vast bulk of Kenya’s territory is submerged under the waters of the Indian Ocean.


It’s easy to overlook Rwanda if you don’t look at the African continent’s map for a long time. Rwanda has a land area of 9,525 square miles and a population of 12,746,560 people. There are about 1,343 persons per square mile in Rwanda.

Burundi, the easternmost African nation, is located south of Rwanda. East of Rwanda is Tanzania, north of Rwanda is Uganda, and the westernmost part of Rwanda’s border is with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


45,471,352 people reside in Uganda, an East African nation. According to official estimates, there are 593 persons per square mile in Uganda, a nation with a total land area of 77,147 square miles.

The western border of Uganda meets the eastern boundary of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, making it one of East Africa’s westernmost nations.

Uganda is to the northwest of Kenya and is bordered by Rwanda and Tanzania. Uganda, an East African nation like Kenya and Ethiopia, is south of Sudan. Kampala is Uganda’s capital and largest city.


The overall land area of Zimbabwe is 149,364 square miles. Zimbabwe has a population density of 116 people per square mile, or roughly 17,234,914 people per square kilometer.

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Africa’s southernmost country, Zimbabwe, is located in East Africa. Mozambique borders Zimbabwe to the east, while Zambia is located north-northeast of the southern African nation.

Country2022 Population
South Sudan11618.5110

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