East Asian Countries 2022

Except for the southern third of Indonesia, Asia is a large continent in both the western and northern hemispheres.

The continent of Asia is split due to the sheer number of nations that make up the region. The five areas of Asia that make up East Asia are Central, Western, South, and Southeast Asians.

In this essay, we’ll concentrate on East Asia’s countries and cultures. China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan comprise this section of Asia. Four of the eight countries in East Asia will be discussed in greater detail.

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Aside from being the most populous nation in East Asia and the whole globe, China is known as the People’s Republic of China, or PRC. More and more people are being born in China every day, and the country’s population now stands at roughly 1,418,934,815.

Although many nations have substantial populations, they are typically merely a fraction of the world’s population. In contrast, almost one-eighth of the world’s population resides in China. 3,624,807 square miles make up the country’s entire surface area.

It is possible to calculate the population density by taking the total number of people in a region and dividing it by the area. It is estimated that there are 392 persons per square mile of land in the PRC.

Hong Kong

The People’s Republic of China borders Hong Kong to the east and south. That Hong Kong is officially part of China’s People’s Republic is shown by its official designation as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

In terms of geography, Hong Kong qualifies as an island nation. The Pearl River separates Hong Kong from the People’s Republic of China, even though the two countries are just a few miles apart.

Concerning all four corners of the Earth, Hong Kong is entirely enveloped by ocean water. The territory of Hong Kong has an area of approximately. As we discussed in our discussion of China’s population size, Hong Kong is home to around 7,476,849 individuals or less than 1% of the world’s total population.

Hong Kong is the 104th biggest nation in the world by population alone, according to the United Nations. Hong Kong has a land area of just 405 square miles, which is insufficient for the city’s population of approximately 7.5 million.

However, Hong Kong’s population density is around 18,477 persons per square mile of land.


Located near the eastern coast of China, Japan is an island nation. Although Japan is considered an island in the Pacific Ocean, it is also located close to the East China Sea, the Philippine Sea, and the Sea of Okhotsk, making it a landlocked country.

With an estimated total number of 6,852 islands in Japan, there are more than six thousand islands.

Shikoku is one of the four biggest islands in Japan’s Kyushu archipelago, including Hokkaido. To describe these islands as the “home islands” of Japan would be an understatement. The smaller islands are home to only 3% of Japan’s total population.

A total of 126,928,822 individuals call Japan home. Despite having a sizable population, Japan only makes up a tiny percentage of the world’s overall population. People on our planet outnumber the stars by a factor of a thousand.

The fact that 126,000,000 people sounds like a lot of people doesn’t change the fact that this is just 1.64 percent of the world’s population. To put it another way: Japan has a population density of 901 persons per square mile on a land area of 140,755.


Unlike Hong Kong, Macau is an Asian republic located off the coast of China. Macau is also separated from China by the Pearl River, like Hong Kong. While Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, Macau is a distinct nation.

Unless you’ve lived in Macau previously, you haven’t encountered anything like the population density in the country’s most densely populated region, Macau.

Only twelve square miles of land make up the nation of Macau. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m getting at here. Only twelve square miles of land make up the country’s surface area.

It is estimated that Macau has a population of 639,908 people. A region’s population density may be calculated after the country’s total area and the population is known.

To calculate this, divide the country’s population by the country’s total square miles. This computation yields the population density, which shows how many people live in a certain area compared to the nation’s total area.

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As a result, 55,434 people are attempting to cram into the relatively small housing spaces on Macau’s 1 square mile of land.

Country2022 Population
Hong Kong7604.2990
North Korea25990.6790
South Korea51329.8990

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