Double Landlocked Countries 2022

The sea and its shoreline are a source of inspiration for many countries across the globe. For example, the Pacific Ocean may be found on the West Coast, while the Atlantic Ocean can be found on the East Coast.

However, there are a few nations that are surrounded by land. As a result, they are engulfed by land and lack a sliver of ocean frontage. Landlocked nations have no direct access to the ocean.

There are, however, lakes and rivers in these countries. To go to the ocean, citizens in landlocked nations must travel through at least one national boundary.

Some nations are even bordered on both sides by land. When other landlocked countries encircle a nation, it is also considered landlocked. Residents in these countries must cross two national borders to get to the seashore.

As far as we know, only two countries on the face of the planet are landlocked on both sides. Located in Europe, Liechtenstein is the first. Austria and Switzerland, which are likewise landlocked, encircle Liechtenstein.

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Uzbekistan is the other Asian country on the list. Additionally, this country is bordered by five other landlocked countries. Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan are the countries included in this group.

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