Countries Nicknames 2022

Sugar bowl of the world

Countries Nicknames 2022

The fact that Cuba is a significant supplier of the world’s sweetest produce has earned it the nickname Sugar Bowl of the World.

Land of golden fleece

Countries Nicknames 2022

Australia is known as the Land of Golden Fleece because of its abundant sheep population. For obvious reasons related to its location south of the equator, Australia is also sometimes referred to as The Land Down Under.

Land of thousand lakes

Countries Nicknames 2022

As is the case with many other country nicknames, there is a clear and meaningful symbolism behind Finland’s. Indeed, even in this respect, the Land of a Thousand Lakes is not an anomaly.

Land of white elephants

Countries Nicknames 2022

The large white elephant in the chamber is emblematic of Thailand, which is known as the Land of White Elephants, and its presence here is appropriate.

Land of the rising sun

Countries Nicknames 2022

The concept of the rising sun plays a role in Japan’s moniker, Land of the rising sun, but so does geography. Japan got its rising sun moniker from China, which is the country that first coined the term since that’s where the country is located geographically.

Playground of Europe / Land of Milk and Honey

Countries Nicknames 2022

Switzerland’s ski and resort resorts in the Alps contribute to the country’s reputation as the Playground of Europe.

The country’s reputation for producing high-quality wine and honey has earned it the moniker the Land of Milk and Honey, a moniker also applied to neighbouring nations such as Lebanon.

Rainbow Nation

Countries Nicknames 2022

This South African country’s moniker stands out among others in both its name and its connotation as being very unusual.

South Africa’s leader, Desmond Tutu, is widely credited for popularising the term Rainbow Nation to describe the country, which is a reference to the country’s aspiration to embrace and unite people from all ethnic backgrounds.

The Great White North

Countries Nicknames 2022

Canada’s moniker The Great White North is both an unimaginative and true way to refer to the country.

Land of Poets

Countries Nicknames 2022

It is no surprise that Chile is known as the Land of Poets, given that two Chilean poets have received the Nobel Prize for Literature: Gabriela Mistral in 1945 and Pablo Neruda in 1971.

Land of Fire and Ice

Countries Nicknames 2022

Yes, Iceland is located in an area of active volcanism, and ice and snow cover more than 10% of the total nation. Accordingly, in keeping with the general trend of country moniker themes, Iceland has properly dubbed the Land of Fire and Ice.

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The Boot

Countries Nicknames 2022

Italy’s moniker, The Boot, is one of the most descriptive and accurate descriptions of a country’s shape and size. The name The Boot for Italy comes from its shape, which is similar to a boot.

CountryNickname2022 Population
AustraliaLand of Golden Fleece26177.4130
CanadaThe Great White North38454.3270
ChileLand of Poets19603.7330
CubaSugar bowl of the world11212.1910
FinlandLand of Thousand Lakes5540.7450
IcelandLand of Fire and Ice372.8990
ItalyThe Boot59037.4740
JapanLand of the Rising Sun123951.6920
South AfricaRainbow Nation59893.8850
SwitzerlandPlayground of Europe / Land of Milk and Honey8740.4720
ThailandLand of White Elephants71697.0300

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