Best Cities in the World

The “greatest” cities in the world are subjective and cannot be judged by measurements. As a result, the Time Out Index polled 34,000 people in 48 locations across the globe, as well as travel experts and editors.

Some individuals feel that their home city is the finest in the world, while others say that there is no such thing as a “best city” since it all depends on what a person seeks in an ideal metropolis.

Some people believe the best city has historic sites and world-famous landmarks, while others believe the best city has a large number of world-famous restaurants, and still others consider other factors like affordability, people’s friendliness, and shopping.

The Time Out Index teamed up with Tapestry Research to poll 34,000 anonymous city people on their cities’ cuisine, drink, nightlife, neighborhoods, community, affordability, safety, diversity, and general happiness, among other things.

What is the world’s best city?

1. New York City

The top city in the world was named New York City. New Yorkers placed it first in terms of culture and variety, second in terms of dining and third in terms of drinking. New York was also rated highly for convenience, nightlife, diversity, enjoyment, and happiness by residents.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne was named the world’s second-best city. This Australian city boasts the most live music venues per capita than any other, with 25% of inhabitants reporting that they attended a performance in the previous week. Melbourne was also named the second most creative and happy city in the world.

3. Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, is the world’s third-best city. Chicago was named top in the world for food and drink, thanks to its deep-dish pizza. Despite this, inhabitants of this Midwestern city are among the most active, with 52 percent indicating that they do not spend a week without exercising.

Furthermore, Chicago inhabitants are among the world’s happiest city dwellers and the proudest of their hometowns.

4. London

London was named the world’s fourth-best city. Despite the present political instability, 80% of Londoners stated they are satisfied in their city, ranking it as one of the most vibrant, varied, and innovative cities in the world.

Residents also appreciated their city’s culture, gastronomy, and live music scene, and stated they felt secure in general.

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is the world’s fifth finest city. Residents of the city of angels gave it excellent marks for mindfulness and happiness, as well as for diversity, dynamism, and creativity.

Los Angeles’ incredible cuisine and restaurant industry have lately gained international notice, and people eat out more often than residents of any other US city.

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The following cities round up the top 20 worldwide:

  • Montreal
  • Berlin
  • Glasgow
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Madrid
  • Cape Town
  • Las Vegas
  • Mexico City
  • Manchester
  • Philadelphia
  • Barcelona
  • Buenos Aires
  • Lisbon
  • Washington, D.C.

Best Cities in the World by Population 2022

Rank CityCountry
1New York CityUnited States
3ChicagoUnited States
5Los AngelesUnited States
12Cape TownSouth Africa
13Las VegasUnited States
14Mexico CityMexico
16PhiladelphiaUnited States
18Buenos AiresArgentina
20WashingtonUnited States
21Tel AvivIsrael
26Sao PauloBrazil
27MiamiUnited States
31San FranciscoUnited States
32DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
38SeattleUnited States
40Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
41Hong KongChina
42BostonUnited States
43Rio de JaneiroBrazil
46Kuala LumpurMalaysia

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