Smartest Countries 2022

Because so many criteria may be considered, determining which nations are the most intelligent in the world is challenging. Is the nation with the most literate inhabitants the smartest? Wouldn’t the world’s brightest nations be those with the highest average IQ scores? Alternatively, is the brightest nation the one with the most significant proportion of … Read more

Which Countries are on the Gold Standard? 2022

Here is the list of Countries which are on the Gold Standard as per 2022. 1. The United Kingdom Today, you may hear the United Kingdom of Great Britain stated as a country on the gold standard. As a result of this, Great Britain was the first nation to implement the Gold Standard, although by … Read more

World Trade Organization (WTO) Countries 2022

The 164 member countries that make up the World Commerce Organization (WTO) deal with the worldwide norms of international trade. The World Commerce Organization’s primary role is to guarantee that global trade is unchecked and uncontrolled. The World Trade Organization (WTO) also serves as an alternate dispute or mediation organization for member nations when trade … Read more

Wealth Inequality by Country 2022

The wealth gap measures the disparity between the wealthiest and poorest citizens of a nation, state, city, or demographic group in terms of wealth distribution. Income inequality, which measures how much money individuals make, is directly linked to wealth disparity. While income disparity is a factor, so too is the value of one’s bank accounts, … Read more

US Trade Deficit by Country 2022

It is common knowledge that the phrase “trade deficit” refers to the fact that the global economy is running at a deficit. This signifies that the country’s imports are more than its exports. Trade deficits occur when a nation expends more money than it obtains in revenue from its exports. The United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, … Read more

US Tax Treaty Countries 2022

China On the list of tax treaty nations with whom the United States agrees, China is the most obvious choice as the world’s biggest exporter (with a yearly export value of over $400 billion). Because they’re so prevalent in the United States, the “made in China” labels pop up everywhere. Mexico While the United States … Read more

US Oil Imports by Country 2022

Many goods made from crude oil are gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and heating oils. These are all essential to people all over the globe daily. The color of crude oil ranges from yellow to black, and its density and viscosity may vary widely. A distillation process separates crude oil into its constituent fractions, subsequently used … Read more

US Foreign Aid by Country 2022

Governments in other countries get money from the United States as foreign assistance. According to the Congressional Research Service, economic aid, humanitarian help, multilateral economic contributions, bilateral development aid, and military aid are all examples of foreign aid. The United States aids war-torn nations, developing countries, and countries critical to U.S. national security interests. The … Read more

Unemployment by Country 2022

As a proportion of the entire labor force, unemployment is defined as the percentage of jobless employees. The unemployment rate includes employees who are now unemployed but can return to work. According to several estimates, the worldwide unemployment rate will be between 6.3% and 6.5% in 2021. A lagging indicator, the unemployment rate does not … Read more

Underdeveloped Countries 2022

The term underdeveloped country refers to a country with a lower level of economic development than other countries. Underdeveloped country is an unofficial term. However, the United Nations classifies 46 countries as least-developed as of 2021. World Bank refers to low-income nations as low-income countries, whereas other organizations refer to them as emerging markets, newly … Read more