Recidivism Rates by Country 2022

Recidivism is described as the relapse of criminal activity that culminates in the re-arrest, reconviction, and/or reimprisonment of a person. The probabilities of individual retreating are determined by various elements, including the person’s situation before imprisonment, social environment and community, and events during their incarceration. The individual’s capacity to reintegrate into society is perhaps the … Read more

Safest Countries in the World 2022

The nations with the highest scores on the Global Peace Index are considered to be the safest on the planet. IEAP is a non-profit organization committed to promoting peace as a positive, attainable, and measurable indicator of human well-being and development. They issue this report every year. The survey studies nations to discover the safest … Read more

Violent Crime Rates by Country 2022

Victims of violent crime are subjected to physical or verbal abuse by the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime. No matter where you live, the list of violent crimes might contain everything from killing to beating to rape to abduction to homicide to manslaughter to robbery (arson, harassment, negligence). Violent crime comprises not just crimes … Read more

Murder Rate by Country 2022

More than five times as many people were killed in homicides in 2017 as were killed in armed conflicts, according to the UNODC’s Global Study on Homicide 2019. Homicide rates may be influenced by various social and economic variables. Elements such as gender stereotypes and socioeconomic inequality, unemployment, political instability, guns ownership, and the drug … Read more

Most Dangerous Countries in the World 2022

A new edition of the Global Peace Index is released by the Institute for Economics and Peace each year. Only this study analyses how dangerous or safe a country is based on 23 variables, including political terror, fatalities from internal strife, and the murder rate. This is the only one of its type.” Over 98% … Read more

Stabbing Deaths by Country 2022

Knives were used in 97,183 killings in 2017, or 22% of all homicides, according to the 2019 Global Study on Homicide by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Even in nations with low crime rates, knife assaults and stabbing fatalities are common. There is a wide variation in the frequency of knife-related violence … Read more

Rape Statistics by Country 2022

Rape is a crime that often includes a person being sexually assaulted against their will, either forcefully or under fear of physical harm. The issue of rape affects people all around the world. The difficulty of obtaining accurate rape statistics Rape data are notoriously hard, making it difficult to conclude. Another issue is that most … Read more

Safest Countries in South America 2022

Traveling to a new nation may be thrilling, enjoyable, and even hazardous, depending on your perspective? When it comes to traveling, not all nations are secure, particularly when it comes to tourists. Indeed, there are places where it’s best to avoid going altogether. Think again if you’ve heard rumors about hazardous places in South America. … Read more

Gun Violence by Country 2022

Across the globe, gun violence is a shockingly prevalent occurrence. Poor and lax gun control regulations are to blame for the most, if not all, of the bloodshed that firearms are blamed for. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are killed by gun violence, and the figure will only climb if greater attention is … Read more

School Shootings by Country 2022

A shooting at a school, whether elementary, secondary, or tertiary, includes the use of guns and is considered a school shooting. Because of the large number of individuals wounded or killed in these attacks, many school shootings are labeled as mass shootings. The FBI defines mass murder as “four or more killed at an event … Read more