Safest Countries in South America 2022

Traveling to a new nation may be thrilling, enjoyable, and even hazardous, depending on your perspective? When it comes to traveling, not all nations are secure, particularly when it comes to tourists.

Indeed, there are places where it’s best to avoid going altogether. Think again if you’ve heard rumors about hazardous places in South America.

Sadly, there is some truth behind this. In South America, several places and even whole countries might be dangerous to tourists.

However, not all countries in South America pose a threat to their citizens. Natural beauty such as rainforests and beaches and a distinct culture and delicious cuisine may be found in several destinations.

The Global Peace Index is an excellent tool for assessing a country’s safety. To determine which nations are the safest, this index considers current internal and international conflict and crime statistics.

These countries are the safest in the world, according to the 2018 Global Peace Index, so whether you’re planning a trip to South America or migrating to a new country, check them out.

As far as South American countries go, Chile is the most tranquil. The people of Chile are kind and welcoming, and the country’s inexpensive cost of living is a major draw.

Chile’s geography is likewise incredibly diversified, with deserts, forests, lakes, and islands all found within its borders. Uruguay is a secure haven for travelers in South America.

Visitors and new residents alike will appreciate the pleasant environment, cheap cost of healthcare, and welcoming community. The gorgeous beaches and natural hot springs are simply the cherries on top. Panama, Argentina, and Costa Rica are all high among the countries with the most peace.

South America’s safest nations are as follows:

  1. Colombia (2.75)
  2. Venezuela (2.441)
  3. Ecuador (2.309)
  4. Guyana (2.159)
  5. Bolivia (2.114)
  6. Brazil (2.104)
  7. Peru (2.098)
  8. Argentina (1.998)
  9. Paraguay (1.968)
  10. Chile (1.75)

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