Phillip Island Population 2022 Statistics

Phillip Island, an Australian island located in Victoria, has 10,000. It is located about 140km south-southeast from Melbourne, Victoria’s capital. Our research shows that the Phillip Island population will be 12,328 by 2022. Because Australia Bureau Statistics always follows the financial year of Australia when pushing data, we use June end each year. This calculation is based upon the average annual […]

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Kalgoorlie Population 2022 Statistics 

Kalgoorlie is a Western Australia city located in Perth’s 595 km east-northeast region. With a population of more than 29,000, it is the 4th in terms of population in WA. It is also ranked 44th in terms of urban centers in Australia. Based upon our research, the Kalgoorlie population will be 29,032 by the close of June 2022. The end of June is the date we use

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Melbourne Population 2022 Statistics

Melbourne is known as the capital of Victoria, with an estimated population of 4.8 million, which is 19.05 percent of the national population. Melbourne is the second-highest populated state in Australia, following Sydney. Melbourne is the state’s business, administrative, cultural, and leisure hub. On a typical day, 854,000 people live in Melbourne, and every year Melbourne is home to more than one million visitors from around the

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Adelaide Population 2022 Statistics 

Adelaide is known as the capital in South Australia and the fifth-largest Australian capital city. South Australia has a population of more than 1.7 million. The majority of this South Australian population (over 1.3 million) is located in the city capital Adelaide which is 5.5 percent of the national population. Twenty-five percent of South Australian residents were born outside of Australia. Adelaide is

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Penrith Population 2022 Statistics 

Penrith is located in New South Wales. New South Wales’ eighth-largest city, Penrith, is home to over 200,000 people. This accounts for 2.58% NSW population. Penrith is a rapidly growing regional city that has seen steady population growth. The population was 3.0% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, significantly higher than the national average. Penrith is located only 50km west of Sydney CBD. Our

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