Phillip Island Population 2022 Statistics

Phillip Island, an Australian island located in Victoria, has 10,000. It is located about 140km south-southeast from Melbourne, Victoria’s capital.

Our research shows that the Phillip Island population will be 12,328 by 2022. Because Australia Bureau Statistics always follows the financial year of Australia when pushing data, we use June end each year.

This calculation is based upon the average annual growth rate of 2.48% for the last ten years. (see the table in the next section). We believe that using the most recent years’ data will improve the accuracy.

Phillip Island’s Population Growth

The Phillip Island population has grown steadily over the past ten years. It ranges from 1.43% – to 4.18%. This adds around 140 to 392 new people to the population each year.

Phillip Island is a popular tourist spot and is close to Melbourne. This is why a lot of people moved to Phillip Island. People are happy to live on Phillip Island because it has a lower housing cost than Melbourne.

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Demographics of Phillip Island

According to the Australian census, 78.0% of Phillip Island residents were born in Australia.

Other top answers for country of origin were: 7.8% England; 1.6% New Zealand; 1.1% Scotland; 0.9% Germany, 0.4% Phillipines, 0.3% Ireland and 0.2% Northern Ireland. 0.2% Malta. 0.2% United States of America. 0.1% China.

Phillip Island’s religious makeup is: 32.5% No religion. 20.8% Anglican. 20.4% Catholic. 9.4% Religion not stated. 3.7% Presbyterian and Reform, 3.5% Uniting Church. 2.1% Christian. 1.5% Baptist. 1.5% Other religious affiliations. 1.2% Pentecostal.

Phillip Island’s Population Density

Phillip Island measures 100km2. The population density of the island is 109 per square kilometer. It is Australia’s most populous island.

Occupations and Industries

Phillip Island’s main occupations are 21.4% Technicians and trades workers; 15.0% Labourers; 12.2% Community & Personal Service Workers, 11.3% Sales Workers, 10.6% Clerical, administrative, and 9.6% Professionals. 8.2% Managers. 2.5% Undescribed Occupation.

Phillip Island’s primary industries include 14.8% Manufacturing, 14.3% Retail Trade, 13.0% Construction, 11.7% Social Assistance, 6.3% Public Administration and Safety, 5.4% Accommodation, food services, 4.9% Other Services, 4.5% Education, training, 4.3% Transportation, postal, and warehousing.

Facts about Phillip Island

  1. Arthur Phillip, the first Governor in New South Wales, was the island’s name.
  2. It measures 26 km in length and 9 km in width, with approximately 100 km2.
  3. It is located on the Bass Coast Shire and has 97km of coastline.
  4. Phillip Island is a popular tourist spot visited annually by about 3.5 million visitors.
  5. It is composed of roughly 51.9% males and 48.1% females.
  6. The median age for Hastings residents is 37 years.
  7. The summer holiday peak season causes the population to soar to 40,000.
  8. 60% of the island’s farmland is dedicated to cattle and sheep grazing.


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