What Is The Capital Of The Australian Antarctic Territory?

The Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) is in Antarctica. The United Kingdom was the first country to claim it. In 1933, the British gave AAT to the Commonwealth of Australia to run, choosing Davis Station as the capital.

It is the most extensive territory in Antarctica. Davis Station is one of the three Australian Antarctic Division research stations in Antarctica (AAD). It is near the edge of the ice-free Vestfold Hills in Princess Elizabeth Land.

The area is shaped like a triangle between 600 20’S and 680 41’S and 780 36’E and 770 48’E in terms of latitude. The Davis Station is 4,700 kilometers southwest of Perth.


During the summer, about 120 expeditions live at Davis Station. During the winter, just under 20 people live there. It was founded in 1957 and named after Captain John King Davis. The station is built on frozen sand and moraine.

Several buildings in the town were built before the 1970s development program and had a lot of cultural value. From Hobart, it takes ships 10–12 days to reach Davis Station, which has good ice and weather.

The anchorage point is about 1.5 miles off the coast. It takes 12 minutes to get to the shore by barge.

Those who live in Davis Station

Expeditioners may have to share rooms in the summer and winter, especially during the busy summer months.

Like most stations, Davis has walk-in cupboards called “Woolies” where you can buy things. Woolies is a store where expeditioners can buy essential items like toiletries and other necessities.

Davis station has a large dining area and several places where people can sit together. Several amenities and facilities include a laundry room, medical center, theater, library, spa, sauna, and a small climbing wall.

During the summer months, there are places to play soccer, cricket, and golf outside. In the Green Store, expedition members can play badminton, volleyball, and table tennis. More places to live are being built now, and they should be ready to move into soon.

Because everyone lives together at Davis, expeditions are expected to help run the station daily. There is a weekly schedule for chores like shoveling snow and cleaning the living room and cold porches.

Some people on the expedition also have to help out in the kitchen. In the summer, there may not be enough water to take a shower more than twice or three times a week. During those times, people can only take showers for up to three minutes to save as much water as possible.

Places to visit in Davis Station

Stephen Eastaugh started the Sculpture Garden in 2002. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Davis Station. This garden was made to be a long-term project continuously improving, thanks to expeditions’ contributions.

An expedition must talk to the station leader to add to the collection and ensure that environmental assessment guidelines are followed. During the exercise, the garden’s artistic integrity must not be damaged.

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