What And When Is Martyrs’ Day?

A martyr is persecuted and killed because they believe in or refuse to believe in a belief or cause supported by an outside force. India has made many Martyrs’ Days, but most are only for specific areas.

These days, people honor the people the country thinks of as martyrs. India is one of the 15 countries celebrating Martyrs’ Day yearly.

What is the Day of Martyrs?

Martyrs’ Day in India is also called Shaheed Diwas. A day set aside to remember people who died for their country. This Day is also the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi, who is known as the “Father of the Nation.” Martyrs’ Day is a holiday that is celebrated all over India.

When is the Day of Martyrs?

Martyrs’ Day is held on January 30 every year. This Day has been named Martyrs’ Day by the government of India in honor of Mahatma Gandhi’s work to get India free from the British. On January 30, 1948, someone shot and killed Mahatma Gandhi.

At first, India’s martyrs were honored on January 26, Republic Day. However, the government changed the date to what it is now.

Marking Martyrs’ Day

At first, the only thing that happened on January 30 was that people prayed at the Samadhi of Gandhi. A Samadhi is a Hindu tomb or mausoleum built in honor of people who the Hindu religion considers saints or gurus.

On Martyrs’ Day, people gather at Mahatma Gandhi’s grave and hold a two-minute silence in honor of him and the other people who died for their beliefs. As a sign of respect, the President, Vice-President, and Prime Minister all lay wreaths at Gandhi’s memorial site at Raj Ghat.

The Last Post is played on bugles by the Indian armed forces, and the inter-services detachment turns their arms over to show respect. There are patriotic songs played everywhere in the country.

Who Was Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi led the movement in India to get rid of British rule. He pushed for peaceful ways to get India to stop being ruled by the British.

As part of his civil disobedience against the British Raj, he walked across India and led peaceful protests by the whole country. People liked how he lived, and many Indians, including freedom fighters, tried to be like him.

Mahatma Gandhi was killed during one of his daily evening prayer meetings. India had only been free from British rule for five months when he died.

Days of the Martyrs in India

Six Martyrs’ Days are celebrated in different parts of India. The most common Indian holiday is Martyrs’ Day on January 30.

Martyrs’ Day is also celebrated on October 21 for Police Martyrs’ Day, on March 23 for the anniversary of the hanging of three heroes by the British, and on November 17 for the death anniversary of a leader in the fight for freedom in the Indian state of Odisha.

India has a lot of respect for its martyrs. The celebrations help people in the country feel more love and courage.

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