World Leaders With The Highest Twitter Followings

People think that the number of people who follow a Twitter account shows how big and important it is. The more people who follow a statement, the more people its posts reach.

Social media experts, on the other hand, say that the quality of the followers and whether or not they are part of the network that the account holder wants to reach is more important than the number. Twitter is becoming a more popular way for world leaders to talk to the public.

Governments and public figures worldwide use Twitter more than any other social media site. This article looks at which of the world’s current leaders has the most Twitter followers.

Pope Francis

With 33.72 million Twitter followers, Pope Francis is at the top of the list. When US President Obama left office, he was the most followed leader in the world, but now Pope Francis is.

This account, @pontifex, is available in 9 languages, and just a few days after the Pope’s 80th birthday party, it had 32 million followers.

The three most prominent groups of followers are made up of people who speak Spanish (38.8%), English (31.61%), and Italian (1.61%). (12.78 percent). About twice a week, the Pope tweets quote from his speeches and other public comments.

Trump, Donald

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. His Twitter account has the second most followers of any world leader. As of the last count, about 30.13 million people follow this page.

Since January 2017, when he was sworn in as President, the number of people who follow Trump on Twitter has grown by about 5 percent every month. If this growth rate keeps up, Trump’s account will be bigger than Pope Francis’s by the end of August 2017. ‘

Trump uses his Twitter account to say what he thinks about things happening in the world and the US, policies, and the news media. On average, he sends out a few tweets daily, and in a year, he gets about 160 million likes and shares.

Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, comes in third on this list, just behind Trump’s Twitter account, which has 30.06 million followers. This leader uses Twitter to send his followers comments, greetings, photos, and videos.

The New York Times called him “the social media politician,” He was one of the first world leaders to speak directly to the public instead of through traditional mass media. He recently interviewed US reporter Megyn Kelly, who got in trouble for asking the Prime Minister if he used Twitter.

Prime Minister Of India

There is also an official Twitter account for the Prime Minister of India, which has 18.04 million followers. When Manmohan Singh left office as Prime Minister, his staff moved the official Prime Minister tweets and followers to a different account and left @pmoindia open for anyone.

A young person took over the account name from India, but Twitter took it back soon after. People who didn’t like this event criticized Singh and his government, saying that not giving over the official account when the office changed was a wrong political move.

The US President

The official President of the US also has an official Twitter account, which is the 5th most followed in the world and has about 14.42 million followers. Barack Obama was the first person to use the @POTUS account. It was then known as @POTUS44.

The first tweet in the history of the current US President was a link to a video of Trump’s 2017 inauguration on his Facebook page.

The US White House

The US government also runs a Twitter account for the White House. The President also has an official Twitter account.

This account has about 14.42 million followers, making it the sixth most followed worldwide. It tells people what is going on in the White House and what is being discussed in Congress now. Some say it is more professional and interested in politics than the Trump or US President accounts.

Erdogan Recep Tayyip

The current President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has the 7th most Twitter followers of any world leader. About 10.27 million people follow this account. People have said that his government has blocked access to several social media sites, including Twitter.

This change, which happened in March 2014, made #TwitterisBlockedinTurkey the most famous phrase on Twitter around the world.

Sushma Swaraj

India’s Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, has the 8th most followers on Twitter of all world leaders. As of the last report, about 8.01 million people follow Swaraj.

She is the first woman on this list and the second woman to serve as Minister of External Affairs, leader of the Bharatiya political party, and a former Supreme Court lawyer.

She uses her account to talk about how she feels about government policies, greet and thank people, and share pictures of her work.

Sheikh Mohammed

HH (which stands for His Highness) Since 2006, Sheikh Mohammed has been the leader of the United Arab Emirates. His Twitter account has about 7.92 million followers, just slightly less than Sushma Swaraj’s.

This makes him the ninth most followed world leader on Twitter. People often say that he brought Dubai to the world’s attention by making big development projects easier.

He uses his Twitter account to post pictures of himself alone or with others, share personal news (like his son’s birth), talk about his work, and leave spiritual and religious messages for his followers.

Joko Widodo

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, is the tenth most followed world leader on Twitter. He has about 7.43 million followers, just a little less than Sheikh Mohammed.

He uses his account to share videos of traditional Indonesian practices, talk to the country on important national holidays, post pictures of his work with other world leaders and officials, and promote issues of public interest (like public health and judicial processes).

He is known for using Twitter to reach a broad audience and has even set up a question-and-answer platform on his account.

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