Proposed Countries 2022


Proposed Countries 2022

The little territory is administratively part of Papua New Guinea, although it has been working for independence for quite some time. In 2019, almost all citizens voted in favour of independence, but the Covid-19 epidemic has slowed progress toward that goal.

But Bougainville still considers itself to be separate from the rest of Papua New Guinea. The suggested country’s future will be defined by how quickly and effectively it recovers from the epidemic.

Donetsk People’s Republic

Proposed Countries 2022

Despite widespread unrest and violence, this little region of Ukraine essentially operates as an autonomous state. Donetsk People’s Republic is a tiny territory in eastern Ukraine that may decide to join the Russian Federation if it is unable to achieve full independence as a new nation.

New Caledonia

Proposed Countries 2022

Although France now has formal sovereignty over this foreign area, that might soon change if it becomes one of the newest proposed nations. This little region has been struggling for autonomy for decades.

A referendum for independence in 2018 was rejected, while a vote for independence in 2020 was just lost by a razor-thin margin. Another independence referendum will be held in 2022.


Proposed Countries 2022

This little area of Syria has been at war with the Syrian government and ISIS for quite some time. Rojava, a troubled region in Syria, may be the most anarchist country the world has ever seen.

Rojava, with its unorthodox method of politics, is in a prime position to lead the way toward new forms of government and reform. As long as its citizens persist in their quest for freedom, this projected nation will be at the centre of heated discussions and debates.


Proposed Countries 2022

This little island may have its football club, currency, and passport, but it is still considered to be part of the British Empire.

The tiny island has struggled for decades to win its bid for nationhood. It should be simple for this nation to keep its independence with the number of tourists and GDP it exports each year.

West and East Libya

Proposed Countries 2022

To further its goal of spreading democracy, the United States just attacked Libya. Efforts have failed, and the nation is now split in half, with the West and the East.

There is a high probability that the country will break apart into two separate countries that will engage in violent conflict with one another.

Most political scientists believe that the final configuration of Libya would resemble that of Somalia right now, with the country split into two halves that are always at war with one another.

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Proposed Countries 2022

Chuuck, one of the four countries that make up Micronesia, is the most developed and prosperous. This tiny but prosperous nation has always been an advocate for freedom. Gaining autonomy, however, might be challenging.

Since this little island is still legally considered a colony of the United States, getting a vote on the table might be difficult. If the United States does not step in, preparations call for an independence referendum to be held shortly.

Country2022 Population
New Caledonia289.9500

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