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A well-deserved reputation for plunder and raiding was gained by Norse sailors and merchants known as the Vikings throughout the medieval period.

This group hails from Scandinavia, a location that lacks the natural resources required for Medieval agricultural villages, such as wood and water.

When permafrost renders the ground impermeable and lengthy, extremely cold winters shorten the growing season, and it might be difficult to cultivate the soil.

Growing populations compounded these issues since the land could not sustain the number of people living on it with rudimentary agricultural practices.

The Vikings built longboats that could go up and down rivers and over the open oceans, and they embarked on a series of voyages that included the looting and pillaging for which they are renowned today. The first Viking attack happened in Lindisfarne, England, in 794.

When it came to Viking invasions, monasteries were especially vulnerable due to their abundance of valuable valuables and the fact that the monks who resided there were not well-armed and prepared for an assault.

Early on, they concentrated on monasteries in what are now England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

As a result of the raiders’ usage of Viking longboats, they were able to journey from Canada to Russia. Leif Erikson and his troops founded the first European settlement in the Americas in Newfoundland, Canada, 500 years before the arrival of Columbus!

In Greenland and Iceland, today’s residents are descended from the Vikings who first colonized the islands, which at the time were sparsely populated.

The Norsemen – the Vikings – who invaded and finally settled in Normandy gave their region of France the name Normandy. Because of Europe’s waterways, they could reach the continent’s interior and go to Russia from France.

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They made a home for themselves and started trade posts, where they could put their talents to good use and make a good living.

Today, many white Europeans are descended from the medieval Viking invasion, according to modern DNA tests. They did have a hand in shaping the modern world.

Even though there is no evidence of permanent Viking settlements in the Middle East, the Vikings may have traveled as far as that region. However, their trade had a worldwide impact.

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