The World’s Largest Exporters Of Rugs

Rugs are thick woven coverings that cover the floor and are manufactured from animal skin or textiles. Rugs are sometimes referred to as carpets or mats depending on their origin.

Rugs have been made for many centuries, first with individuals weaving for enjoyment and then moving on to commercial weaving.

The rug industry’s commercialization began in England and swiftly extended around the world. Rug manufacture is a common industry in many countries, but only a few have pushed into exports and consider it as a source of revenue.

The World’s Largest Rug Exporters

Rank´╗┐CountryExport Value
1Turkey1.62 Billion
2Belgium471 Million
3India460 Million
4China399 Million
5Germany137 Million


Carpet-weaving is one of Turkey’s oldest traditional skills, and the country has produced a large number of carpets to supply the world for generations.

Women are the ones who make the carpets, and their talents and craftsmanship have been developed through time. Rug exporting dates back to the 19th century, when there was a large demand for Turkish carpets, prompting a rise in manufacturing.

In Turkey, 99 percent of all carpets are handcrafted, mostly by women in their homes or in factories. Rug exports bring in around 1.62 billion dollars per year for the nation.


Belgium is the world’s second-largest exporter of rugs and carpets. As a consequence of the nation’s high-quality mat production, there is a stronger demand, resulting in a larger market for the country. Rug manufacture and export started in Belgium centuries ago, and the business has flourished rapidly since then.

In Belgium, like in Turkey, the majority of carpets are handcrafted, with just a tiny number created by machines. Rugs and carpets are worth an average of 471 million dollars in Belgium each year.


During India’s freedom, the carpet business grew rapidly. The business originated before the nation’s independence with the aid of Persian and Turkish weavers who immigrated to the country, but it eventually died out owing to a variety of factors.

India’s carpet sector is now seeing a steady increase in exports. Rug-making enterprises may be located in places like as Kashmir and Punjab, among others. Rugs bring in a total of 460 million dollars to the nation each year.

The Rug Industry’s Future

Carpets and rugs are lovely additions to our homes, businesses, schools, and religious buildings. More individuals are embracing the art form and attempting to create it.

According to studies, the carpet business will grow dramatically in the future years, with major increases in production and exports.

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