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Shepparton is a Victoria town located 181 km northeast of Melbourne. Shepparton, Victoria’s 6th largest city, has a population of more than 60,000. It is also the 29th most populous city in Australia.

Our research shows that Shepparton’s population will be 67,770 at the end of June 2022. Because Australia Bureau Statistics publishes data every year, we use the end of June.

This calculation is based upon the average annual growth rate of 1.08% for the last ten years. The analysis will be more accurate if we use the most recent years’ data (see the table below).

Shepparton’s Population Growth

The population growth rate in Shepparton has been highly consistent and robust over the last ten years. It ranges from 0.71% – to 1.44%.

This adds approximately 449 to 880 new people each year. Many people moved to Shepparton because of its job opportunities. It is also close to Melbourne. The population is growing due to steady birth rates.

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Demographics for Shepparton

According to the Australian census, 49.7% are males in Shepparton, while 50.3% are female. The average age of residents is 39. Australia was ranked 76%, India 1.9%, and England 1.3%. New Zealand was 1.1%. English is spoken at home in 76.8%, Italian 2.1%, and Arabic 1.9%. Punjabi 1.4%, Hazaraghi 1.8%, Turkish 0.8%.

Shepparton’s religious makeup is No Religion, 27.1%, Catholic 24,7%, Anglican 11.5%, and Not stated 11.1%. Uniting Church 6.1%. Christianity was the most popular religion in Shepparton (59.4%).

Shepparton’s Population Density

The Shepparton population density averages 201 per square kilometer.

Occupations and Industries

According to Census, Shepparton’s main occupations are Managers at 14.4%, Professionals at 17.2%, Managers at 14.4%, Labourers at 13.9%, Technicians and Trades Workers at 13.7%, and Clerical and Administrative Workers at 11.8%. 5.6% of Shepparton’s workers work in Hospitals, except Psychiatric Hospitals.

Other important industries include Supermarket and Grocery Stores, Primary Education 2.6% and Aged Care Residential Services 2.5%, and Secondary Education 2.3%.

According to working hours, 11.6% were able to work between 1 and 15 hours, 9.5% 16-24 hours, and 41.3% 40 hours or more.

Facts about Shepparton

  1. Shepparton’s name is derived from Sherbourne Sheppard, one of the first European settlers in the area.
  2. Agriculture and related manufacturing are Shepparton’s significant industries. SPC Ardmona, Australia’s largest canner of canned fruits, is Shepparton.
  3. In the middle of the 19th century, the city was a river crossing and sheep station. It then underwent a significant transformation to become a railroad town.
  4. Shepparton is home to Victoria’s second-largest Aboriginal community, after Melbourne. It makes up about 4% of the city’s total population.
  5. 42.6% were married families with children, 38.6% were couples without children, and 17.5% were single-parent families.
  6. The population was 19.9% comprised of children aged 0-14 years and 17.5% of those 65 and older.


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