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Maintaining its status as an urban and metropolitan Borough, Sheffield is among the most populous 10 cities in the UK with a total population of greater than 56,000. Sheffield is situated in South Yorkshire, England

Sheffield has earned the name Steel City for its developmental developments in the manufacture of steel. This includes the stainless steel that has contributed to a variety of notable advancements in the world of industries.

Based upon our research, Sheffield’s population will be 597,915 as of the 1st July 2022. We base our calculations on the 1st of July as the first day of July each year because the Office for National Statistics (ONS) typically releases the estimated population figures for the same time frame.

The estimation is based upon the average rate of growth of 0.77 percent over the past 10 years starting from the year 2011. We believe that using the most recent year’s figures (see our table in the following section) will help make the estimate more precise.

Population Growth of Sheffield

Its city Sheffield includes several historical sites like Sheffield Cathedral, Town Hall, Central Hall, Graves Art Gallery, Elsecar Heritage Museum, and more. So, Sheffield is a city that has Sheffield was able to draw an enormous number of visitors each year.

With the rapid growth of Sheffield, there is a significant amount of international visitors come to Sheffield due to business or various reasons. People who are based in Sheffield either temporarily or for a long time. Therefore, Sheffield’s population Sheffield is growing steadily.

Over the last nine years, the population growth rate of Sheffield has fluctuated between 0.45 percent to 1.10 percent, bringing approximately 2,499 to 6,099 people to the population every year.

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Demographics of Sheffield

When the population census was conducted in the UK in 2011, it came to be known that according to gender 51% of Sheffield’s population is females, and 49 percent are males. The average age of residents in Sheffield is 38.

White people comprise 86.7 percent of the people of Sheffield. In Sheffield, eighty percent of the population make up White British, 0.5% are White Irish, 0.1% of the people is Gypsy and 2.3 percent comprise Other White.

8percent of the population is Asians and 4 percent are from Pakistan, 1.1% of the population are Indians, 1.3% are Chinese, 0.6% are from Bangladesh and 1.0 percent are other Asians.

Black people comprise 3.6 percent of the Sheffield population, of which 2.1 percent are from Africa 11% belong to the Caribbean and 0.5 percent comprise Other Black. 1.5 percent of the population is from Arab nations and 0.7 percent is from other ethnic origins.

In Sheffield, 92.2% of people speak the English language. 0.9 percent of them speak in Arabic, 0.8% speaks different Chinese dialects, 0.8% of the people speak via Urdu, 0.5% exchange talks with Polish, 0.4% speaks Somali, 0.3% are Bengali people, 0.2% speaks Slovak and 0.2 percent make contact using Persian/Farsi.

In terms of the religion of choice, 52.5% of the Sheffield population adheres to the faith of Christianity. Atheists comprise 30.7 percent of Sheffield’s population. 7.7 percent of the population is a follower of the Islamic religion. Hindus are 0.6 percent of the population, 0.4% of people adhere to Buddhism, 0.2% are Sikh and 0.1 percent are Jewish.

Population Density of Sheffield

The population density of Sheffield is 4,094 residents per square meter, making Sheffield one of the most popular cities of England and the United Kingdom.

Facts About Sheffield

  1. In contrast to all other cities in the UK, Sheffield has a National Park, Peak District National Park located within its boundaries. A third of the area of Sheffield is within the Peak District National Park. National Park.
  2. Five Noble Prize winners, one Olympic gold medallist and one of the very first women astronauts from Britain were the former students of Sheffield University. University of Sheffield.
  3. With more than 2.5 million trees Sheffield is now in the status of being the greenest city in the UK.
  4. The club was founded in 1857. Sheffield F.C has become the oldest football club in the world.
  5. Sheffield is regarded by the designation of Steel City for its contribution in the manufacture of stainless and other types of steel.
  6. The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield City Centre has hosted events like the World Snooker Championship and other important tournaments in snooker.
  7. Sheffield also has its personal Walk of Fame, known as the Hollywood Boulevard of Yorkshire.
  8. Sheffield is comprised of five twin towns, namely Chengdu as well as Anshan(China), Bochum(Germany), Donetsk(Ukraine) and Esteli(Nicaragua).
  9. Sheffield includes around 170 wooded areas with 78 parks for public use and 10 gardens for the public.
  10. Sheffield Ski Village Sheffield Ski Village is counted as one of the most extensive ski resorts in the world.


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