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Nottingham is one of the cities in England. Nottingham is the ninth-largest city in the United Kingdom with a population of over 330,000.

The city is connected to the famous Robin Hood, Nottingham used to be the location where Robin Hood lived.

Nottingham is a significant city for tourism. Many visitors come from outside of the United Kingdom to visit Nottingham.

Nottingham is currently the sixth-largest revenue-generating city in the nation. Nottingham is also associated with the manufacturing of lace, the tobacco industry, and bicycles.

Nottingham is renowned for its amazing transportation system. The system of transportation is one of the biggest networks of transportation in the nation. The city is home to a modern railway station and a modern cable car structure to transport passengers.

Based upon our research, the Nottingham population will be 337,309 as of the 1st July in 2022. We consider the one day in July every year because the Office for National Statistics (ONS) typically releases the estimated population numbers for the same period.

This calculation relies upon the annual growth rate of 0.89 percent over the past 10 years starting in 2011. We believe that using the latest numbers from the previous years (see our table in the following section) will help make the estimate more precise.

Population Growth of Nottingham

When you consider the population growth of Nottingham in the last 10 years and the rate of growth, the population is gradual and constant.

The rate of increase is ranging from 0.56 percent up to 1.33 percent, adding between 1,800 to 4,100 residents every year.

YearPopulationThe rate of increase

Demographics of Nottingham

A variety of ethnic groups exist in Nottingham. Whites comprise the biggest group of citizens living in Nottingham (84.91 percent) The British whites make up 81.05 percent of the total population. Other whites include Irish white (1.36 percent) and whites from other countries (2.5 percent). Other ethnic groups include Asians (7.4 percent), Blacks (4.34 percent) and Mixed (3.13 percentage), Arabs (0.47 percent).

English is by far the largest commonly spoken of all languages In Nottingham, 87.4 percent of Nottingham’s population speaks English. Other languages spoken are Polish 2.23 percent Arabic 0.78 percentage, Urdu 1.39 percent Punjabi 0.84 percent French 0.29 percent, Portuguese 0.28 percentage, Greek 0.23 percent, and Greek 0.23 percent.

Based on the census of 2011, Christianity is the major religion of the city. 44.23 percent of people comprised of Christians, 0.67 are Buddhist, 0.35 percent are Jews, Muslims are 8.81 percent of the population. Hindu religion is practiced in 1.47 percent of residents, and non-religious people comprise 34.99 percent of the population.

Population Density of Nottingham

The density of population in Nottingham is 4,359 inhabitants per square km. Nottingham is denser than other cities around England.

Facts About Nottingham

  1. The legendary Rodin Hood was a resident of Nottingham.
  2. The Goose Fair in Nottingham is among the oldest festivals across the world. It’s a traveling carnival that began around 1284. The goose fair was held during the beginning of October each year on the recreation grounds for the forest.
  3. Ibuprofen is known as a pain killer came to be discovered in Nottingham Forest by a pharmacist working within the City.
  4. The bell with the deepest tone, referred to by the name of Little John is present in Nottingham. The bell is rung every fifteen minutes , and when it is struck, the bell’s sound can be heard from seven miles from the spot that the bell is located.
  5. Two universities are located within the city. These are Nottingham Trent University and the more well-known University of Nottingham forest.
  6. George Green is a scientist from Nottingham His work helped to develop the area of materials science. George was well-known by the genius of physics, Albert Einstein.


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