Safest Countries in Africa 2022

Second, only to Asia in terms of size and population, Africa is Earth’s second most populated continent. There are about 1.276 billion people in Africa, which covers an area of 11.7 million square miles (30.3 million square kilometres).

Currently, the United Nations lists 54 nations in Africa. Countries in sub-Saharan Africa are more secure than others.

The Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index (GPI) is an annual assessment that assesses and rates the peacefulness of 163 nations worldwide.

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace’s rankings, which are split down into three categories based on 23 peace indicators: ongoing international and domestic conflict, societal safety and security, and militarization, the study is released yearly.

Each nation is assigned a numerical value based on the information provided above. Internal disputes, ties with neighbouring nations, political unrest, violent crimes, and the perceived degree of criminality in society are all indications. Countries with lower scores tend to be more tranquil.

1. Mauritius

Mauritius has a Global Peace Index score of 24, making it Africa’s safest nation. As a safe and welcoming destination for families, the island country of Mauritius has a diverse population.

Petty theft and non-violent crime are the norms in Mauritius, which has a very low total crime rate. The U.S. Department of State has issued Mauritius a Level 1 travel alert as a precaution.

2. Botswana

Second, Botswana is Africa’s safest nation, only South Africa in terms of safety. Several tourist sites in Botswana ranked 30th on the GPI, including Chobe National Park, wildlife reserves and the Tsolido World Heritage Sites. A Level 1 travel alert from the U.S. Department of State has been issued for Botswana.

3. Malawi

Malawi, Africa’s second-safest nation, comes in at number 40 on the GPI scale. This just lowers Malawi’s ranking by a single spot. Petty theft and purse snatching are the most common types of crime in Malawi, although overall, the country has a low crime rate.

Avoid big crowds and protests, particularly in the Mulanje district. Compared to other popular tourist destinations like the U.K., Vietnam, Greece, and France, Malawi is a far more secure bet when travelling with a large group.

4. Ghana

On the Global Peace Index, Ghana is the 44th most peaceful nation globally and Africa’s fourth safest country. The GPI shows that Ghana has dropped five spots from its 2018 position to its 2019 position, despite its continued safety.

Ghana is safer than Argentina, the United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Greece, and other renowned tourist destinations. Level 1 travel advice from the U.S. Department of State indicates that Ghana is usually safe to visit.

5. Zambia

Both Zambia and Timor-Leste share the 48th spot in the Global Power Index (GPI). Zambia is the continent’s fifth-safest nation by a wide margin. Travellers flying into remote wilderness places don’t give a second thought to their safety.

For the most part, stealing occurs at a greater rate in urban areas. It is also safe to say that Zambia’s political climate is quite stable. The U.S. State Department has issued a Level 1 travel alert for Zambia.

6. Sierra Leone

Located in the eastern part of Africa, Sierra Leone is a coastal country. The nation has a GPI score of 52, down 18 spots from its 2018 score to its 2019 score. The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel recommendation for Sierra Leone, recommending heightened caution.

Many violent crimes, such as assault and armed robbery, occur in Sierra Leone, where local police are under-equipped to handle them.

7. Tanzania

The Serengeti Plains in Tanzania are the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s the seventh-safest place in Africa. According to the Global Peace Index, Tanzania is placed 54th. This country has a Level 2 travel warning.

Avoiding secluded regions, particularly at night, and using cabs free of other passengers and from reputable taxi companies are the best ways to keep yourself safe.

8. Madagascar 

Since the aftermath of the political turbulence has led to greater unemployment rates, Madagascar’s general crime rate has decreased compared to most other African nations. Still, muggers and robbers have witnessed an uptick recently.

On the other hand, the safety level of Madagascar’s travel advice is at Level 2, but it is still better than other major tourist destinations like France, Greece and Vietnam. On the GPI, Madagascar is tied with South Korea for 55th place, making it Africa’s eighth safest nation.

9. Senegal

Senegal is Africa’s ninth-safest nation, according to the World Health Organization. Senegal comes in at number 58 on the Global Peace Index, only one spot ahead of Vietnam and safer than France or Greece.

In Senegal, where crime and sickness are relatively low, the community is recognized as a welcoming host to visitors. There is a travel warning in effect for Senegal.

10. Liberia

According to the World Safety Council, the safest nations in Africa include Liberia at the top of the list. Only Senegal and France are higher in the GPI rankings than Liberia.

However, Liberia’s police force is notoriously corrupt but at a much lower level than before. Visitors to Liberia will need a tourist visa and a yellow fever vaccination, which may be obtained at the airport.

Here are the world’s 10 safest countries:

  1. Somalia (3.297)
  2. Sudan (3.043)
  3. DR Congo (2.976)
  4. Chad (2.963)
  5. Zimbabwe (2.799)
  6. Ethiopia (2.739)
  7. Central African Republic (2.724)
  8. Kenya (2.507)
  9. Eritrea (2.49)
  10. Burundi (2.479)

CountryPeace Index2022 Population
Burkina Faso1.788022102.8380
Equatorial Guinea1.85001496.6620
Sierra Leone1.85608306.4360
Republic of the Congo2.14605797.8050
South Africa2.386060756.1350
Ivory Coast2.408027742.2980
Central African Republic2.72405016.6780
DR Congo2.976095240.7920

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