Rainforest Countries 2022

Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo has been hailed as a model for rainforest preservation. A single-name celebrity like Madonna or Bono, this rainforest nation may simply be referred to as Congo.


Ecuador, a nation with a reputation for shady persons and shady parts, also qualifies as a rainforest country, making it a gorgeous place to visit.


Juarez and Tijuana, two of the most well-known places in Mexico, aren’t a surprise to anybody who’s ever visited the nation. However, it’s worth noting that this nation is also home to some stunning rainforest landscapes ci?


Like many rainforest nations, Bolivia is often the subject of negative media attention for all the wrong reasons. A natural paradise and a wonderful site to visit are Bolivia’s rainforests.


Among the numerous things for which the nation is well-known, being a rainforest country is not one of them. What most people don’t appreciate, though, is the sheer size of India and the majesty of its many landscapes.

Papua New Guinea

Only Papua New Guinea markets itself with such flair and panache, and it even claims to be one of the world’s most spectacular jungle nations. New Guinea doesn’t seem to be making things up, as seen by the thriving tourist industry.


The rainforests of Malaysia are among the most beautiful on the earth, even if Malaysia hasn’t cashed on being a rainforest nation the way some other countries have.

Malaysia is one of the less well-known rainforest nations, although the country still exports a significant amount of rainforest goods.


Only Guyana has a name that is so connected with rainforests. This is one of the world’s most remote and undeveloped rainforests and a source of pride for Guyana.


Laos is one of the world’s most unusual nations, famous partly for its massive rainforests, which cover a large portion of the country. The papaya hails from here, too, making it an important part of the region’s culinary heritage.

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What a beautiful setting! Check. The tourist industry is booming? Check. What awe-inspiring rainforests? Wow, Venezuela has some great rainforests as well… yeah, you read it correctly. Check.

Country2022 Population
Papua New Guinea9292.1690

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