Population of South Australia 2022 Statistics

South Australia has a population of more than 1.7 million, which is 7.14 percent of the Australian people.

According to the Australian census data, 49.3 percent of the South Australian population is male, and 50.7 percent are female.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make up 1.9 percent of South Australia’s population. Adelaide, the capital in South Australia, has an estimated population of 1.2 million inhabitants. South Australia has an area of 983,482 square kilometers.

South Australia is the fourth largest state in America. It covers 12.7 percent of Australia. It is the fourth-largest state.

South Australian border is 3,185 kilometers long. Based on our study, South Australia’s population will be 1.765 million by the year 2021 in June.

The estimate is based on an average growth rate of 0.68 percent over the last ten years starting from 2011. We believe that using the latest numbers from the previous years (see our table in the next section) will make the calculation more precise.

Population Growth of South Australia

In the ten years since the beginning of South Australia’s population, the growth rate is constant, with a range of 0.23 percent to 1.21 percent, adding between 4000 to 20,000 people per year to the total population.

In the last two years, the decline in the population was due to the rising unemployment rates and the fact that people were moving to other states to find jobs.

The population growth rate in South Australia is very slow in Australia when compared with other states.

YearPopulation        Growth rate       
20111.64 millionn/a
20121.65 million0.61%
20131.67 million1.21%
20141.688 million1.08%
20151.696 million0.47%
20161.706 million0.59%
20171.71 million0.23%
20181.72 million0.58%
20191.731 million0.64%
20201.74 million0.66%
20201.753 million0.75%

Demography of South Australia

The most current accessible Australian Bureau of Statistics population estimates for local areas show that 83 percent of the population of South Australia resides in Greater Adelaide Planning Region. Greater Adelaide Planning Region accounting.

In the local government areas in the Greater Adelaide Planning Region, Onkaparinga was the most populous and was closely followed by Salisbury and Port Adelaide Enfield.

Mount Gambier, Whyalla, and Port Pirie had the highest population in the regional Local Government Areas.

The top five ancestral ancestries of people from South Australia are English, Australian, Scottish, German and Irish.

The top five languages (other than English) spoken within South Australia are Italian, Greek, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Cantonese.

Australia, England, Italy, India, China, and Scotland are the top six birth countries for people living in South Australia.

Population Density of South Australia

SA’s population density stands at 1.62 people per kilometer, putting it in Australia’s 6th most populous state. SA is among the states that are least densely populated around the globe.

PositionStatePopulation Density
1Australian Capital Territory151.49
3New South Wales8.64
6South Australia1.62
7Western Australia0.89
8Northern Territory0.16

Occupations and Industries

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the top occupations of those who reside within South Australia are Professionals (19.6 percent) and Clerical and administrative workers, technicians and trades workers, managers, Laborers, Community and personal service workers, Sales employees, Machinery operators, and drivers.

The most important industries that the people of South Australia work in are Social and health services, Manufacturing, Retail trade, Education and training, construction, public security and administration, accommodation and food services Professional (5 percent) Scientific and technical services, transport, and warehouses.

It’s fascinating to observe that professional only makes up 5 percent of the significant industries that workers in South Australia work in but makes up 19.6 percent of the top jobs.

Facts About South Australia

  1. South Australia is the only state that does not have a convict’s origins.
  2. Australian most well-known cricketer, Sir Donald Bradman, lived in Adelaide with his family.
  3. South Australia has the “Festival State ” nickname due to the sheer number of festivals she organizes every year.
  4. The people who live in Adelaide are often called “crow eaters.”.
  5. The South Australian Cooper Pedy mine is the world’s leading producer of Opals.
  6. The record-breaking temperature of 50.7degC within Australia was recorded in the year 1960, in Oodnadatta, situated in South Australia.
  7. In the outback of South Australia, Lake Eyre is the largest salt lake in the world. Although it floods, it is usually dry. It has been the site for numerous attempts at breaking the speed record of land on the planet.
  8. South Australia is the only state that shares borders with all the mainland and Northern Territory conditions.


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