Most Conservative Countries 2022

Many people use the word “conservative” while discussing politics or religion, but what does it mean? Simply put, conservatism is a mode of thought that focuses on preserving the current state of affairs rather than seeking to improve it.

To many people, conservatism is seen as the antithesis of liberalism, which is more willing to try new things and put them into practice. Like Ambrose Bierce, a conservative is “enamored with existing evils, as contrasted from the Liberal, who seeks to replace them with others.”

To paraphrase. Traditional, typically faith-based beliefs guide conservatives, and they are wary of any changes that can undermine such values. The exact shape conservatism takes differs from nation to country.

A quick look at the current state of conservatism.

More conservative countries and states in the United States tend to favor less government regulation and smaller states. They believe that conventional morality, such as that found in the Bible (or, in Muslim nations like Afghanistan, the Quran), should be maintained.

That quick or dramatic change is unthinkable. Conservatives often reject environmental regulations and union-empowered labor unions because they are seen as stifling industry, while gun control is seen as an intrusion on personal liberties.

Despite this, conservatives are more likely than liberals to favor rules that address moral concerns, such as gay marriage, abortion, drug usage, or the responsibilities and rights of women and minorities.

They prefer reduced taxes and oppose social programs they feel would increase the tax burden and reward those who are not worthy of such privileges.

The world’s conservative countries

Conservatism is a set of principles that permeates all aspects of governance. However, it may not have the same effect on every part of the government.

For instance, you may be socially conservative and economically liberal at the same time. In addition, conservatism appears in diverse forms in different nations.

To compare conservatism in the United States with conservatism in Afghanistan, where women are subjected to abuse and Christians face persecution, or in Eswatini, where the monarch has over a dozen spouses, is instructive.

Finally, the more conservative nations tend to limit the flow of information, making comparisons and analyses more difficult. No one criteria can be utilized to establish whether or not a country’s government is conservative in light of the variables above.

However, more indicators may be used to provide a more accurate picture of where each nation stands on the conservative-liberal spectrum.

This year, Business Insider published a list of the world’s 25 most conservative nations. The list was put together using data produced by MoveHub, which was initially taken from studies such as the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report and others.

Religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and gender equality are all considered in these studies, which tend to be restricted in conservative nations. Iceland, Finland, and Sweden were found to be the world’s most liberal nations.

The list and table lower down this page include the most conservative candidates.

The World’s Top Ten Most Conservative Economies – Business Insider

  1. Yemen
  2. Mali
  3. Iran
  4. Pakistan
  5. Chad
  6. Egypt
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Lebanon
  9. Eswatini
  10. Ethiopia

CountryRanking2022 Population
Saudi Arabia735844.9090
Burkina Faso1822102.8380
Sri Lanka2521575.8420

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