Low Countries 2022

As a region of Europe, the Low Countries, or as they are more often known, the Low Lands, refer to the area in the northwestern part of the continent. The region consists mainly of coastal locations but also contains Luxembourg’s interior territory.

The majority of the terrain in the region is below sea level, thus the moniker Low Countries. Belgian, Dutch, and Luxembourgian nations make up this area. A combination of each country’s initial letters is used to refer to the region as the Benelux.

There are several important waterways in the Low Countries. Along the Schelde, Meuse, & Rhine rivers, nearly 3,000 square kilometers of agriculture are part of the Low Countries.

Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion in the Low Countries. French, Letzenburgish, Dutch, and other regional dialects are spoken in the area.

About 90% of the people in this region live in cities or other densely populated urban regions. The area is one of the most heavily inhabited in Europe. In addition, the area has a high level of industrialization.

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Dutch towns such as The Hague and Rotterdam, as well as Belgian cities like Antwerp and Brussels, are situated in the Low Countries.

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