The Complete Guide to Melbourne’s best Street Art with Map 2022

Melbourne is known for its graffiti. Get the dirt on where to find it and what to look for, or use our street art walking guide to plan your next trip.

The Southbank masked mural

Let’s start with the fantastic mural in Southbank, which is quite timely. The article was published in June 2022. It continues to resonate with Melburnians attempting to adjust to the new normal.

Move forward

Flash Forward is a new massive creative activity that will take over 40 city laneways with music, murals, and other works by the greatest local artists.

While certain activities are on hold due to the lockdown, you may still enjoy these amazing new street art installations on your daily stroll. Check out our timeline of completed projects.

A mural was painted on the exterior of a building in brown and green.

Place Mornane

In a little alley behind Grossi, transport yourself to Europe. Artist Micah Nagle created this immersive Venice scene. Murals featuring sword-wielding kitties and David Bowie are among the artist’s other hidden gems.

Living Outside

During the lockdown, this lovely neon picture appeared as a brilliant, flowering surprise for city people.

The painted mural-turned-LED installation, which was installed atop the Hanover House building, was inspired by artist Atong Atem’s old European wallpaper collection. The new Beulah project in Southbank includes Outdoor Living.

Hosier Road

For decades, photographers have flocked to Melbourne’s most famous cobblestone street to capture the city’s stunning skyline. However, this is a moving canvas, with graffiti arriving and vanishing frequently.

The large-scale spray-paint mural by artist Adnate is perhaps the most memorable. Look up to view his 23-meter-high realism mural.

Place Presgrave

The street art in this region is more three-dimensional. Consider miniature artworks and photographs enclosed in physical frames.

Look down and you might notice Liz Sonntag, AKA Tinkyquirky,’s a little diorama. In the spirit of miniatures, Bar Americano, one of Melbourne’s tiniest (and greatest) bars, is located on this lane.

Meyers Place

Meyers Place was home to the bar with the same name that started Melbourne’s laneway revolution. Our Green Your Laneway initiative has now changed one of four thoroughfares.

A Mike Makatron mural may be seen here. Enjoy drinks and NYC slices from Pizza Pizza Pizza after seeing his stunning urban forest.

Lane (AC/DC)

AC/DC Lane, named after the iconic Australian rock band, is a hub for music and street art. Admire the sticker-covered windows.

Murals depicting Malcolm Young from AC/DC and Mike Makatron’s 3D sculpture of Bon Scott breaking through the wall are on display. Stop into Bar Bambi, one of Melbourne’s newest establishments, while you’re here.

Duckboard Place

This lane’s walls are covered with large murals. None are more impressive than Steen Jones’ colossal homage to Melbourne. This vivid pattern of flowers and a butterfly appears to be a tattoo on the wall in honor of the city.

On a much smaller scale, one of the last Banksy rats, which used to be all over the CBD, may also be found.

Precinct of Street Art on the Upper West Side

The Juddy Roller group produced Melbourne’s first official street art district, which opened in December 2017. They collaborated with six of Melbourne’s most well-known street artists.

An outdated power plant serves as the perfect canvas for these large-scale graphic paintings. Dvate’s orange-bellied parrots are there. Rone’s photorealist muses are enormous.

There are a few Smug standouts as well. Look for his grandparents’ massive picture.

Lane Blender

Another artist’s favorite is Blender Lane. It’s no surprise that it was the first location for urban art incubator Blender Studios.

Tags, stencils, graffiti art, and paste-ups abound throughout the unsigned cul-de-sac. There has been no unused space. It’s near Queen Victoria Market, off Franklin Street. Tours and seminars are also offered by these artists.

The Caledonian Way

The tiny Caledonian Lane connects the streets of Lonsdale and Little Bourke. For years, the lane has become a favorite among street painters.

Various game developers have commissioned murals, as well as a tribute to Heath Ledger’s Joker performance and a massive Dune painting.

All of this and more can be found right outside Fortress Melbourne, the city’s greatest video game entertainment destination.

Artcade at West Side Place

The Artcade at West Side Place is a multi-sensory public art installation. Reko Rennie, Rone, Adnate, and others are among the artists included in Australia’s first-ever ‘arcade.’

While the areas at West Side Place are meant for future businesses, cafés, and restaurants, enjoy the limitless installations while you can.

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